Girls Who Are Used To Being On Their Own Actually End Up In The Strongest Relationships

loving a girl who is used to being on her own
Ayo Ogunseinde

I want to be with you not because you are a need I cannot exist without but because you are my want I choose not to live without. I can live a full life all by myself without any help of yours but I still love the lingering of your existence around mine, embracing every crease of my soul. Know that I can be on my own and have a full life but when I choose to share mine with you, it takes all my mind and heart to be one and let you in. You are not my muse. You are not my breathlessness. You are every second of my reality I count my breaths with. I know personal space and the moment possessiveness becomes obsession. You and me are two complete stories entwined with love to become something extraordinary. I am not in this story because of your finances or your estates but because of the person you are and the way your soul triggered the fire in me. I can go through nights alright but the constant longing of your smell in my sheets is the reason I crave you. I cannot be your teenage dream girl. I am a strong, independent girl who only needs you and your love. Your support is appreciated but not something I won’t step my foot without. Our love is not an incessant stream of emojis and texts but a world of ours where silence itself speaks a thousand words. This is the galactic of the sun, moons and all that there is, let us be stardust, embracing each other. For although I know I can shine on my own, I want to be brighter with you. Let us be a whole together. We will paint each other with the wonders of future in all its shades. I don’t love you because I am lonely. I love you because I would rather spend my time with you. I can afford me but the idea of having you beside me every moment in this journey is an amazing feeling I want to feel for the rest of my life. So, take my hand and let’s dance together to the noise and music and although we may not put every step together, my hand will always be in yours, supporting you and loving you. I will always encourage you and help you progress but I cannot compromise myself. I would rather fill both of us with dreams and goals and happiness and success. I will be your comfort, your best friend, your confidante, your everything but not your supporting actor because I too am important- we all are. I am not an unfinished task but the light that guides you home. So if any day you feel lost, look into my eyes to find our destination there because ours will be a story of love that no mystery can break. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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