Dump The Girl Who Is Always There For You (No Matter How Badly You Mess Up)

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Dump the girl who believes you whenever you tell another lie, who trusts you whenever you text another girl, who stays with you whenever you break another promise.

Dump the girl who wants to try again, even after you made her life a living hell. Even though you’ve made her cry her eyes out for the past few weeks, months, years.

Dump the girl who is there for you, no matter how badly you fuck up. Dump the girl who keeps putting up with your bullshit because she doesn’t realize she deserves better. Dump the girl who lets you treat her like complete shit.

Because she isn’t going to walk away. She loves you too much. As long as you keep giving her hope, she’ll keep giving you chances. 

Break up with her, because it’s the right thing to do. Because, if you aren’t going to change, then you need to let her go. You need to give her the freedom to find another boy who will treat her right.

Stop looking at this relationship from your point of view. Stop feeling blessed to have someone who understands that you’re damaged. Someone who lets you yell at her and boss her around — and then accepts your pathetic apologies because she loves you that much. 

Look at this from her side. From the side of a girl who does everything she can for a boy who takes her for granted.

Unconditional love doesn’t mean you’re allowed to do anything you want to her, because she’s never going to leave. Unconditional love doesn’t mean you’re allowed to fuck up countless times, because your actions will never have any consequences.

She’s stuck around for this long and it’s made you think that you can get away with anything. But just because she’s been letting you walk all over her, it doesn’t mean that you should. It doesn’t mean that it’s right.

You can’t keep ignoring her messages when she’s been waiting hours for an answer. You can’t keep pulling her away from her friends when you want her all to yourself. You can’t keep accusing her of cheating when she’s the only one who has actually stayed loyal.

You can’t keep hurting her over and over again, even though she lets it happen. Even though she hasn’t put a stop to your bullshit behavior.

You have two options. Either stop treating her like shit or dump her. Either change your behavior or say goodbye for good. 

She loves you too much to see straight. She isn’t going to leave you, even though everyone she knows is begging her to end the relationship. Even though her head is fighting with her heart, trying to convince her that you’re a horrible idea.

Break up with the girl who lets you hurt her, because she’ll stick around forever if you let her.

And you both know she deserves someone better. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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