How Each Zodiac Sign Flirts Over Text When They’re Shy

How Each Zodiac Sign Flirts Over Text When They’re Shy


They double text when the conversation is dragging because they don’t want it to end.


They send a million laughing emojis and act like everything you say is hilarious.


They litter their messages with heart emojis to hint at their feelings.


Instead of texting, they add you on social media and like all your posts.

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They send playlists filled with songs that make them think of you.


They text you to talk about shows they’re watching because you suggested it.


They send selfies directly to you instead of posting it to their stories and hoping you’ll see.


They send the first message every single day because they can’t wait to talk to you.


They drown you in compliments about your looks and personality and overall style.


They ask you a million questions about your day and take a genuine interest in your life.


They send Tiktoks and memes to make you laugh out loud.


They make suggestive, flirtatious comments about you and try to pass them off like jokes. TC mark

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