How Each Zodiac Sign Handles Their Insecurities 

How Each Zodiac Sign Handles Their Deepest Insecurities


They hide their insecurities and act like they’re confident AF.


They cover up their insecurities with makeup and clothing and filters.


They ignore their insecurities and keep themselves busy with other things.


They get upset over their insecurities and cry in front of their mirror all the time.

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They obsess over their insecurities and delete every photo they dislike.


They laugh off their insecurities by making fun of themselves before anyone else can.


They learn to love their insecurities and focus on their strengths instead.


They withdraw because of their insecurities and hide themselves away.


They dwell on their insecurities so much that they can barely see any of their good qualities.


They try to get rid of their insecurities by changing their personality and appearance.


They don’t worry about their insecurities because they know everyone has their own definition of beauty.


They constantly complain about their insecurities and fish for compliments. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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