Why Each Zodiac Has Trouble Unwinding

Why Each Zodiac Has Trouble Unwinding


You put too much pressure on yourself and always feel like you need to be working and achieving something new.


You’re an overthinker. You have trouble turning your brain off and forgetting about your responsibilities, even for a little while.


You work long hours and when you get home, there are countless chores to do. You feel like relaxing isn’t even an option.


Relaxing feels selfish to you. You would rather be doing something nice for someone else than for yourself because you never treat yourself like a priority.

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You procrastinate when it comes to relaxing. There’s always one more thing you want to finish before you unwind — but as soon as you finish it, you come up with something else to do.


Relaxing makes you feel lazy. It makes you feel like you’re missing out on valuable time.


You feel like relaxing should only happen about once per year. You take one big break instead of several small ones and end up burning out.


A part of you feels like you don’t deserve to relax, like you haven’t done enough to earn it.


You don’t even know how to unwind anymore. You’re not sure what you’re supposed to be doing in order to feel relaxed because not many things make you happy.


You’re always stressed about something. Once a problem enters your mind, you can’t force yourself to forget about it.


You consider your work fun so you think you don’t have to relax, when really, you do.


Everyone pushes you to work hard — but no one pushes you to unwind. And you do what you’re told. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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