The Love Related Goal Each Zodiac Sign Should Set In The New Year

The Love Related Goal Each Zodiac Sign Should Set In The New Year


Be more vulnerable. Lower your guard. Let more people into your heart.


Take a break. Spend some time dating yourself. Learn to love you. 


Forget about reaching relationship milestones. Focus on the present. Enjoy the moment.


Give out fewer chances. Stop letting people trample your heart. Stand up for yourself.

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Put yourself out there. Make the first move. Express how you feel.


Expect more. Stop settling for less. Look for a relationship where the workload is even.


Try harder. Give as much as you take. Put more effort into the people who you adore.


Weed out the people who hurt you. Raise your standards. Refuse to settle.


Be gentle with yourself. Stop making comparisons. Learn to love the single life.


Play nice. Stop pushing everyone away. Let others into your heart.


Relax. Stop placing all of your focus on love. Focus on your hobbies and career and passions, too.


Wear your heart on your sleeve. Be honest. Be authentic. TC mark

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