What Each Zodiac Sign Behaves When They're Sexually Frustrated

How Each Zodiac Sign Behaves When They’re Sexually Frustrated


They text their exes and flirt with whoever responds first.


They redownload dating apps that they’ve deleted in the past.


They overcompensate by acting like they’re having the time of their life single.


They try to distract themselves with hobbies and chores.

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They start snapping at everyone they see and remain in a horrible mood until they have sex again.


They expel their energy by exercising.


They read erotica or watch their favorite movie sex scenes.


They head straight to the bar to pick up strangers.


They try to hook up with a close friend — that they are going to regret flirting with soon after.


They take the situation into their own hands and pleasure themselves.


They take a cold shower and force themselves to think about anything else.


They mope around, thinking about their past relationships and hookups. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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