How Each Zodiac Sign Handles Failure

How Each Zodiac Sign Handles Failure


You use your failure as motivation to try again. You want to prove everyone wrong about you.


You get really down about yourself. You start wondering why you even bother trying.


You lash out because you feel like you deserved to succeed. You don’t think it’s fair you didn’t get your way.


You aren’t surprised by failure. You always expect the worst, but when it happens, you’re still disappointed.

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You get annoyed by all the people who succeeded instead of you. Your jealousy gets the best of you.


You analyze what went wrong so you don’t make the same mistake in the future. You use it as a learning experience.


You treat yourself gently. You know you did your best, and you’re proud of yourself.


You start thinking of all the other times in the past you’ve failed and overwhelm yourself with regrets.


You give yourself some time to cry. You treat yourself to candy and ice cream and all the beer you want.


You get right back to work. You don’t waste any time moping about what could have happened. You focus on your future instead.


You pretend you didn’t care about succeeding anyway. You tell yourself you’re completely fine when you’re not.


You rant to all of your friends. You run to them for advice and encouragement. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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