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The Pisces – Zodiac Sign Dates and Personality

Pisces are one of the most empathetic signs in the zodiac. They care deeply about other people and cannot stand to see someone in pain. However, they can also be incredibly moody and closed off at times. Some people even believe Pisces have psychic abilities. Here is everything else you need to know about Pisces:

Pisces Traits

Element: Water  

Date: February 19-March 20; twelfth sign and last sign of the zodiac 

Ruling planet: Neptune and Jupiter but mostly Neptune 

Quality: Mutable 

Color: Purple or sea green 

Most compatible with: Virgo, Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn 

Least compatible with: Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Aries

Mutable zodiac signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius

Daily Horoscope

Monday June 24, 2024: 'Too close for comfort' probably doesn't apply now, so focus on closing the gap with the important people in your life. The more you reveal to them, the more relatable you become. But here's a tip: keep your deepest confessions for one-on-one moments with those you trust implicitly. Think pillow talk after a romantic dinner, get the picture? Share your soul, but choose your audience wisely!

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Pisces Astrology Symbol and Sign

two Siamese fighting fishes

Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac. Pisces are represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. This symbolizes the sign’s divided attention between reality and fantasy. Pisces are dreamers. They have huge goals for themselves and have a hard time staying grounded in the material world.

However, they don’t always chase after their big dreams. Sometimes, they spend more time fantasizing about what they want to accomplish than actually going out and trying to reach their goals. Pisces tend to be lazy. They are happy to sleep the entire day, even though there are a million brilliant ideas rattling around inside of their heads.

Fun fact: Pisces is the last constellation of the zodiac. Its bordering constellations are Triangulum, Andromeda, Pegasus, Aquarius, Cetus, and Aries.

Pisces Element 

Pisces is a water sign, just like Cancer and Scorpio. Water signs are intuitive, emotional, and nurturing. They feel their emotions intensely. This is why they cannot bear to see anyone suffering. Water signs do their best to take care of everyone they meet. They love taking on a motherly role and caring for the people they consider friends and family.

These signs are feminine, receptive, and passive. However, they are also the most hidden. They don’t like to reveal too much about their own lives. They would rather focus on the life of the person in front of them. After all, if they’re busy worrying about someone else’s problems, they don’t have time to focus on their own problems. In a way, helping others is another form of escapism.

Pisces Personality Traits

Astrology can tell you a lot about someone’s personality. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the dates when your friends and family were born. Whether your sun sign or moon sign is a Pisces, here is everything you need to know about this zodiac sign:

Good traits

Pisces are sensitive, empathetic, and generous. They care deeply about everyone, even complete strangers. They cannot stand to see someone in pain. If they see someone cry, they are going to experience pain themselves. It will be even worse if they are the cause of this pain.

Pisces feel horrible when they upset someone else, even if it’s an accident. This is why they try their best to do the right thing. Pisces will always be there when you’re going through tough times. They will encourage you to open up about your feelings and remind you it’s okay to cry. They don’t want you to feel embarrassed about being vulnerable.

However, this is a bit hypocritical, considering they shut down when they are angry or upset. They rarely let others see them cry because they don’t want to bother anyone with their emotions. They try to stay strong for the people around them, even if that means acting fake in front of them.

Bad traits

Pisces tend to be naive and impressionable. They are too trusting for their own good. When someone lies to them, they will believe every word. They won’t stop to question whether the other person is being completely honest with them or stretching the truth. They take others at their word. Since Pisces have such pure intentions, they assume everyone else is just as innocent. They assume everyone thinks the way they think.

This sign is incredibly gullible because they see the best in people. They view the world with a silver lining. However, Pisces aren’t always sunshine and roses. They are incredibly moody. They feel their emotions in extremes, so it’s not easy for them to deal with negative emotions. When they get into a bad mood, they have a hard time breaking themselves out of it. They will mope around for hours, days, or even weeks.


Pisces go with the flow. They feed off of energies, so they’re able to adapt to any room they enter. This sign is deeply intuitive. They are great at reading people. They have an inner sense that tells them when something is wrong. When they know something is being treated unfairly, they can’t stand by and remain silent. They need to take action.

Pisces is a great sign to have around because they don’t shy away from hard conversations. Although they dislike confrontation, they will encourage others to confront their biggest fears and doubts. Pisces will push others to open up about how they’re feeling in order to help them feel better again. They won’t rest until they see a smile.


Pisces are sensitive souls who are codependent in friendships and relationships. They don’t have any boundaries, and they won’t understand why their partners need space. Pisces want to spend every waking moment with their loved ones. They don’t want to keep their distance. Sometimes, their desire to help can come across as overbearing and overprotective. It can rub people the wrong way.


Pisces love escapism. They enjoy reading, watching movies, and making up scenarios inside of their own heads. Pisces are creative and have vivid imaginations. However, sometimes, they spend too much time in their own mind.

This sign can come across as quiet because they pay more attention to an imaginary world than the real one. Although this can create strain on their relationships, it makes them great at creating new, unique art.

Some of the most famous Pisces are Rihanna, Dakota Fanning, Trevor Noah, Lupita Nyong’o, and Tyler, the Creator. They prove that Pisces are incredibly talented. As long as they don’t let their desire to be lazy get in their way, they can accomplish great things.


Pisces hate making big decisions. It’s in their nature to take care of everyone, so they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. They’re people-pleasers, and they want to choose the option that works best for everyone. Unfortunately, Pisces pay so much attention to others that they rarely stop to ask themselves what they want.

This sign will sacrifice anything for their loved ones, but this isn’t always a good thing. It can cause them to end up in an unfortunate situation they were hoping to avoid. It can also cause them to resent the people around them. Even though their loved ones never asked them to sacrifice their hopes and dreams, Pisces will feel like they had no other choice. They will put others before themselves every time, and then they will feel like their kindness is being taken for granted.


Lunar eclipse illustration

Pisces are extremely generous. They love taking care of others. They are one of the most romantic signs in the zodiac. They will go out of their way to do cute things for their partner. They will make sure the person they’re dating always feels loved. However, they have a hard time allowing others to take care of them. They shut down and push people away who are trying to help them.

Pisces is romantic. Although Neptune is its ruling planet, Pisces exalts Venus and serves love, devotion, and pleasure. Pisces want everyone to be in a great mood at all times, especially their partner. They will do whatever it takes to spread smiles and happiness.

For a Man

Pisces have big dreams, but they waste too much time wallowing in doubt and self-pity. Whenever someone hurts their feelings, they will waste hours feeling sorry for themselves. Pisces men can also be lazy and will spend the whole day sleeping if you let them. Although they have big dreams, they don’t have big motivation. It’s hard for them to get started on new projects and even harder for them to finish them.

Pisces would rather talk about all the things they’re planning on accomplishing than actually take action. This is why Pisces men need a partner who encourages them to achieve their dreams. They need a strong, unshakable support system. Otherwise, they are going to keep daydreaming about the things they want to do without doing anything at all.

For a Woman

Pisces are imaginative. You’ll never get bored with them because they’ll have plenty of fresh, fun ideas for date nights. They’ll also have plenty of ideas to bring into the bedroom. However, Pisces women care much more about an emotional connection than a physical one. They would rather have a long, insightful conversation than spend hours making out with a special someone.

Pisces women also have a strong intuition. They can tell when someone is hurting and when someone doesn’t want them around. Although this sign can be gullible and overly trusting at times, they can usually sense when someone has poor intentions. They won’t waste time with anyone who hurts them because they hold grudges. They won’t forgive and forget. If someone takes advantage of them, then they are going to be mad at that person for life. They won’t accept apologies because they won’t allow someone to fool them twice.

Pisces Love and Romance

Pisces are searching for a strong, deep connection. They don’t want a short-term fling. They want a long-term relationship that is going to last a lifetime. However, they won’t want to risk getting their heart broken by someone who isn’t right for them. They’re only going to enter a relationship if they’re positive this person is a good match for them.

Overall, a generous Pisces makes a wonderful partner because they are emotional and intuitive. They are going to pay close attention to their partner, so they’ll notice whether they are acting differently. Pisces work best with other signs who grow attached quickly. If their partner needs too much space, a relationship isn’t going to work. Pisces need constant reassurance, validation, and quality time together. They won’t want to be apart for more than a few hours.

Pisces Friends and Family 

Pisces are social butterflies who are family-oriented. They love getting together with their parents, siblings, grandparents, and cousins. Holidays are their favorite time of the year because everyone makes time to get together. Most of the time, Pisces are the ones hosting the get-togethers, or helping the host in the kitchen. They love to cook, clean, and run around doing favors for everyone. They want to feel wanted.

Pisces act like therapists with their loved ones. They’re always willing to lend a hand or an ear because they genuinely care about everyone’s well-being. Pisces won’t settle for surface-level conversation. They want to know the details about what is going on in everyone’s lives. And if they can do anything to help, they will jump at the chance.

Pisces Money and Future

Pisces are easygoing, which makes them excellent coworkers. They can get along with anyone and are flexible when plans change. This sign is incredibly creative, musical, and poetic. That’s why they work well in the arts. They also make talented teachers, counselors, and nurses because they enjoy helping others. Whether they’re expressing their creativity by creating music or are showing their nurturing side by healing others, they will be happy.

Attracting a Pisces Man

Pisces are emotionally intelligent. They are good at relating to others and they always know what to say to cheer up someone who is struggling. They’re excellent communicators, so they can get their points across well and motivate anyone who is feeling down about themselves. However, this sign cannot stand confrontation. They don’t want anyone to scream at them or demand answers from them. If you argue with them too much, they are going to run away or shut down completely. Pisces will encourage everyone around them to be vulnerable, but they have a hard time doing the same.

Attracting a Pisces Woman

Pisces commonly fall into nurturing, care-taking roles. They enjoy pampering others because they want everyone to know how much they are loved. However, that doesn’t mean you should let them do all the work in the relationship. Pisces women deserve attention and affection, too. You need to show them your support, especially when it comes to their creative endeavors. Remind them you believe in them the same way they believe in you. If you neglect them, they might not mind at first. However, they will grow resentful over time. They will wonder why they’re the only one putting in effort.

Pisces Enemy

Pisces have the most trouble getting along with Gemini. Geminis are a logical sign. They think with their heads instead of their hearts. Meanwhile, Pisces are an emotional sign. They listen to their guts, even when they get pulled in a dangerous direction. Pisces and Gemini live in two completely different realities.

Pisces also have trouble getting along with Virgos because they are opposite signs. Although they are both healers, Pisces has trouble accepting help. They would rather be the one offering help. However, they make a lovely match with their fellow water signs.

Pisces Energy

Pisces energy is dreamy and otherworldly. They are visionaries who are hard to define. Pisces have strong psychic energy and are healers at heart. They take care of everyone, except for themselves. If this sign wants to succeed, they need to remember that self-care matters, too. They won’t be able to take care of their loved ones if they let themselves burn out. That means taking care of themselves is necessary if they want to continue playing the nurturer role with everyone else.

Pisces Rising Sign

brown and white printed textile

The ascendant is the astrological sign that is ascending on the eastern horizon at the specific time and location of your birth. To figure out your rising sign, simply create your birth chart. In order to do this, all you need is your birthdate, birth time, and birthplace. If your rising sign is Pisces, here is everything you should know:


You are an idealist. You see the best in other people and expect them to do the right thing. Whenever someone takes advantage of you, you’re caught by surprise. You never see it coming because you don’t understand how someone could be so cruel. However, you won’t let someone hurt you more than once. If they betray your trust, you will never see them again. You have high standards for yourself and a strong sense of justice. You don’t want to reward anyone who hurts others. You believe everyone should be kind to one another.


You are laidback and easygoing, which makes you likable. Pretty much everyone gets along with you at parties and work functions. Although you have a temper, you rarely act aggressively. Even when you get upset, you retreat into your shell instead of unleashing your emotions on everyone around you. In fact, sometimes people think you’re too quiet. They aren’t sure what you’re thinking because you keep your emotions to yourself. Although you encourage everyone else to open up about their deepest secrets, you keep yours under lock and key.

Pisces Rising Traits

You are changeable, which can be both a blessing and a curse. Your flexibility helps you adapt to new situations quickly. However, some people think you’re fake because you change your personality based on who else is in the room with you. Of course, this only happens because you react to the energy around you. You shapeshift along with your surroundings. Since you’re heavily impacted by the way other people are feeling, you naturally change along with the people you meet. You aren’t putting on an act. You’re simply going with the flow.

Pisces Birthstone

Aquamarine is the Pisces birthstone. This is a beautiful blue gemstone. It has the healing properties of emotional clarity. Aquamarine necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are the perfect present for any Pisces in your life.

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