How He'll Apologize When He Screws Up, Based On His Zodiac Sign 

How He’ll Apologize When He Screws Up, Based On His Zodiac Sign 


He will whisk you away on a romantic getaway.


He will bake you homemade cupcakes or cookies.


He will drown you in compliments about how much he loves you.

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He will surprise you with chocolates and flowers.


He will have makeup sex with you.


He will take time off work to spend more quality time with you.


He will take you out to your favorite restaurant for food and drinks.


He will buy you a new necklace, ring, or some other piece of jewelry.


He will help you with the chores — without being asked.


He will sit you down and give you a detailed, heartfelt apology.


He will cook you a romantic dinner.


He will write you a love letter or a poem. TC mark

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