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Capricorn: Horoscope, Dates, Traits, Man, Woman, Zodiac Sign

Capricorn Traits

Element: Earth

Date: December 22–January 19th; 10th sign of the zodiac 

Ruling planet: Saturn 

Quality: Cardinal

Color: Brown 

Most compatible with: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio

Least compatible with: Sagittarius, Gemini, Aries

Cardinal zodiac signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra 

Daily Horoscope

Thursday May 6, 2021: If we feel stuck in a position that we're unable to change, freedom is a state of mind. Even if bringing the desired change is seemingly beyond our control, we can dream about what it would feel like to be released from a tiring obligation or heavy burden. Where you may have resigned yourself to being stuck similarly, you could see that freedom isn't only a dream; it's feasible!

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The Capricorn Symbol

The Capricorn symbol is a mythological creature known as a sea goat. The goat hoof represents making plans and achieving success, while the fish tail represents imagination, creativity, and productivity. The goat climbs and climbs, even in the worst environments — Capricorns are known to keep going until they’ve reached their goals.

Capricorn Symbol

In Tarot, the Devil card represents Capricorn. It depicts a sketch of a mountain goat named Pan, a creature who was known to chase nymphs, and two slaves being chained up (but not tightly). This tarot card is associated with temptation and ambition; the Capricorn zodiac sign will do whatever they need to do to achieve success, especially career-wise. This zodiac is ruled by Saturn, the planet of restrictions, and with the chains depicted in the card and the feelings of being trapped or stuck, a Capricorn might often feel restricted in some way, even though there is always the opportunity of freedom that they’ll strive for.

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Capricorn Under the Planetary Ruler of Saturn

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn:

  • In Roman mythology, Saturn was known as the god of time. 
  • In Greek mythology, Saturn was referred to as “Cronus”, the father of Jupiter, the planet of success and good fortune.  
  • Saturn is the planet of restrictions and obstacles that must be faced in order to reach goals and success. 
  • This planet is often associated with Karma and things happening in a divine timing. 

Capricorns are obsessed with chasing success. They are one of the most disciplined, hardworking signs of the zodiac. Some people might even consider them workaholics because they devote so much of their time and energy into reaching their goals. They tend to value their career over their social life, but that is because they have a thirst for knowledge. They love puzzles and problem solving. They would rather be working at their desk than spend the weekend stuck in a crowded bar.

Capricorns never give up on their goals. They don’t allow obstacles to restrict them because they understand nothing great can be accomplished without hard work. They are wise enough to understand that reaching their dreams isn’t going to be easy. After all, they are realists. They know what they are getting themselves into ahead of time. However, they don’t let their fears slow them down. They are persistent, detail-oriented, and analytical. This is why they make excellent accountants, bankers, and business executives.

Capricorn and the Earth Element 

An Earth sign like a Capricorn is known to be grounded and dependable. But what are the other traits that make them an element of earth

  • Hard-working — sometimes they can overwork themselves because they’re workaholics. 
  • Dependable, loyal. 
  • Ambitious and will take initiative just because it’s in their nature to do so. 
  • Practical. 
  • Intelligent.

Capricorns are practical, independent, and self-reliant. They enjoy doing useful things around the house and will normally be involved in several DIY projects at once. Since Capricorns are so hard working, they even spend their free time trying to better themselves. They will read plenty of books, especially nonfiction, so that they can be knowledgeable about as many different subjects as possible. They want to know everything there is about the world and never feel like they have researched enough. 

Capricorns can seem cold and uncompassionate when you first meet them. However, deep down, they are loyal, dependable, and devoted. They simply have high walls. They might need to spend years with someone before they feel comfortable opening up about their emotions. They only have a few close friends – but they will stay friends for life. They are also incredibly close with their families and value traditions that they will pass down to their own children. Capricorns keep themselves closed off to most of the world, so if they let you inside, they value you immensely.

Capricorn: The Cardinal Sign 

Capricorns are ruled by a cardinal quality, which means they approach life differently than those who have a fixed or mutable quality.

So what is it about a cardinal sign that makes the personality of a Capricorn

  • They take initiative and lead with ambition, wisdom, and momentum. 
  • Instigators with a plan. 
  • Sometimes have a hard time being present and in the moments of life. 
  • Happiest when they’re in charge and running the show. 
  • In terms of a career, Capricorns are the ones that everyone wants to be on their team. 
  • Natural born leaders – Capricorn season is December 22 to January 19 which means they evidently start off the new year, so that checks out! 

Capricorns are natural born leaders. They are responsible, mature, good at keeping track of things and have good memories. This makes them skilled at running a team. However, they tend to clash with authority. They want to be the ones in charge. They want to do things their way. Sometimes they can come across as condescending because they think they know better than everyone around them. They assume they are the wisest one in the room – and to their credit, they are usually right.

 Capricorns have a hard time staying present. They don’t know how to live in the moment because they are always worried about how they messed up yesterday or how they are going to improve themselves tomorrow. Sometimes they overlook the biggest blessings in their life because they are too focused on what they don’t have and what they haven’t accomplished. Since they are perfectionists, they don’t handle failure well. When they make one tiny mistake, they will think about it for weeks. They will literally lose sleep over it.

Strengths of Capricorn 

  • Responsible. 
  • Disciplined. 
  • Good mannered. 
  • Driven.

Weaknesses of Capricorn 

  • Know-it-all. 
  • Condescending. 
  • Unforgiving. 
  • Stubborn at times (the goat is a tough creature!). 
  • Tends to bottle up their feelings. 

Capricorn Personality Traits

  • Critical and has high standards for both themselves and others. 
  • Hardworking.
  • Loyal.
  • Ambitious; driven. 
  • Lives by the rules. 
  • Patient but doesn’t like to be kept waiting. 
  • Tends to lead with their head more so than with their heart.

Capricorns hold their family, friends, and coworkers to incredibly high standards. However, they also hold themselves to those standards. They are their own biggest critics. They are never satisfied with themselves. Of course, even though they beat themselves up all the time, they don’t tolerate it when other people are rude to them. They will not forgive and forget when someone betrays them. They will cut contact immediately, and since they think with their heads instead of their hearts, walking away won’t bother them in the least. 

Capricorns live by the rules. They aren’t nearly as impulsive as some other signs. They have an impressive amount of self-control know and know how to successfully ignore their urges. They are not going to allow the temptation to ruin their career, their relationship, or their friendships. They think through every option presented to them thoroughly before coming to a decision and weigh the consequences of each action. They never act in the heat of the moment. They give it some thought.

If Your Moon Sign is in Capricorn

In astrology, your moon sign represents your inner self, your true emotions, and how you express your feelings. So what does it mean if your moon sign is in Capricorn

  • Yearning for stability.
  • Grounded. 
  • Want to be in control of both friendships and relationships. 
  • Have a big heart but don’t give it away easily — you warm up to others when you deem them worthy of your time after you’ve overanalyzed them enough.

Capricorns don’t yearn for an exciting life filled with adventure and spontaneity. They would rather live a stable, predictable life. They would rather know that they are in a financially, physically, and emotionally safe space. Although the only thing they want out of life is stability, they aren’t going to feel comfortable even when they’re doing well for themselves. They are pessimists at heart. They always assume something is going to go terribly wrong. They can never enjoy a good moment because they assume a horrible one is right around the corner.

Capricorns are surprisingly sensitive. They get insulted easily and cannot handle criticism well. Of course, they would never let you see their vulnerable side. They act stoic when they are in public. They pretend that nothing bothers them. They pretend that they don’t care about anyone other than themselves. Capricorns only cry behind closed doors. They don’t trust most people enough to get emotional in front of them. It takes a long time for them to show someone else their big heart.

If Your Rising Sign is in Capricorn

In astrology, every zodiac has an ascendant (rising) sign that represents who you are when people first meet you. So in terms of first impressions, what does it say if your rising sign is in Capricorn

  • Shy and quiet. 
  • Selective when making friends, but when you find people you click with, you keep them close. 
  • You like to take your time getting to know someone before you dive into a relationship with them. 
  • You set goals for every aspect of your life and you do what you need to do to achieve them — and the odds are in your favor! (See: Saturn, the planet of good fortune!).

Capricorns seem quiet when you first meet them because they aren’t interested in small talk. They get bored talking about superficial things like sports, the weather, or celebrity gossip. They prefer more intellectually stimulating conversations. Plus, they are very selective when it comes to the people they allow into their inner circle. They aren’t really looking to add more numbers to their phone. They would rather have a small group of friends they can trust than a large group of friends who hardly know them at all.

Capricorns care much more about their success at work than their reputations at parties. They will do anything in order to reach their goals. They are willing to make sacrifices, both big and small, in order to reach the top of the career ladder. They will sacrifice their time, their social life, and even their sanity in order to achieve their dreams. They won’t let anything stop them from reaching their intended destination. They are not quitters.

If Your Venus Sign is in Capricorn

In mythology, Venus is known to be the goddess of love. In astrology, your Venus sign represents all things love, beauty, attraction, and the finer things in life. So what does it mean if your Venus sign is in Capricorn

  • Materialistic — if you want something, you do what you need to do to go after it, whether it be a new house, a new car, a designer purse, a fancy camera. 
  • As lovers, you like to show your love and affection through loyalty and stability rather than grand, romantic gestures. 
  • You are more than willing to take care of your loved ones in any and every way you can, with financial stability and commitment.

Capricorns are surprisingly materialistic. Even though they couldn’t care less about the way other people perceive them, they enjoy buying the newest phones and cars and clothing because it makes them feel successful. It makes them feel like they have accomplished something worthwhile. It is a physical reward of all the hard work they put into their career each and every day. It helps them remind themselves that they are doing well.

Capricorns aren’t the most romantic sign. However, they make amazing partners because they are consistent. When they’re in a committed relationship, they will make sure their partner feels safe, secure, and loved. Of course, since they are so private, they aren’t into PDA. They aren’t going to perform any grand gestures on anniversaries in order to prove their love, either. Instead, they are going to make small gestures every single day. They are going to make sure their partner understands they are appreciated every day of the year, not only on special occasions.

Capricorn Man

  • Determined → sets high standards for himself and strives to meet them. 
  • Doesn’t usually have love and romance at the top of his priority list — he’s more so focused on his career and his dreams. 
  • Searching for a practical, grounded partner that can fit his personality and his lifestyle. 
  • When it comes to his emotions, he is very stable and deep — he won’t take anything emotion lightly.
  • A relationship with him won’t be easy, but know that he is honest and trustworthy! 

Capricorn men value loyalty above all else — and they aren’t hypocrites. They will stay faithful to you in return. They have no interest in playing the field, so once they are committed, they consider you their partner for life. That is why they will always be honest with you. Even when they are telling you something that is hard to hear, they won’t sugarcoat it. They will make sure you know the whole truth because they respect you too much to lie to you.

Although Capricorn men are honest and trustworthy, they might not consider you their top priority at all times. They tend to care much more about their careers than their relationships and have no problem sacrificing love for success. They need a grounded, practical partner who won’t mind if they spend long hours at work instead of putting energy into planning date nights. Remember, even when they are deeply in love, Capricorn men never show their emotions openly. Their sweet gestures can be very subtle.

Capricorn Woman

  • Persistent.
  • Capable of taking care of herself. 
  • It will take some time for her to let down her guard, but when she does warm up to you, she will show how sensitive she really can be. 
  • She’ll take a lot of time to analyze you and put a lot of thought into the relationship before she makes any moves 
  • Might come across as serious and strict but her love and loyalty runs deep!

Capricorn women are self-sufficient. They can handle themselves. They don’t need a partner to take care of them, to pamper them, to rescue them. They need a partner who understands they don’t need a knight in shining armor. They need an equal. They need a friend. They need someone who can hold intellectual conversations with them and challenge them on a daily basis. Above all, they need someone who is going to stay loyal.

Capricorn women never rush into relationships. They aren’t afraid of making the first move — but they are going to wait until they are one-hundred percent sure you are a good match for them. They don’t want to waste their time on the wrong person, so they are going to take all of your actions into consideration. They are going to study you for months and evaluate your treatment of them. This is because they would rather stay single and focus on their career than get into a relationship that is going to distract them from that career.

7 Things to Know About the Capricorn in Your Life 

  1. This zodiac sign is known to have an old soul. 
  2. Capricorn natives will be quite stubborn and will want to be in control of their own lives. 
  3. This sun sign is full of wisdom, and although that’s an admirable trait, sometimes they come across as a know-it-all. 
  4. Friendship with a Capricorn person will be all about tradition, inside jokes, and humor. This kind of relationship is very important to them! 
  5. Capricorns like to run errands with friends not only because they have a pretty chill personality, but also because to them, it feels like something is being accomplished.
  6. Because the symbol of this sign has a part of a fish tail, they can take on a water sign or Cancer personality traits of being sensitive and emotionally intelligent. 
  7. This zodiac will have a hard time getting along with fire signs, like Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius–their outlooks on life are different and their personality traits will clash a lot! However, this sign gets along very well with Virgo and Taurus because of their down-to-earth personality.

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