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Gemini Traits

Element: Air

Date: May 21-June 20; the third sign of the zodiac 

Ruling planet: Mercury 

Quality: Mutable 

Color: Light green/yellow 

Most compatible with: Sagittarius, Libra, Aries, Aquarius

Least compatible with: Virgo, Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio 

Mutable zodiac signs: Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius

Daily Horoscope

Wednesday May 5, 2021: Necessity, as the old saying goes, is the mother of invention. In other words, if it becomes essential we must do something, then we can end up being glad to be pushed in that direction. Hopefully, that describes circumstances affecting you. If that doesn't sound or feel familiar, be receptive to a direction you feel pushed toward. You look set to discover something helpful from it.

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The Gemini Symbol 

  • The word “Gemini” is Latin for “twins”.
  • The Gemini symbol is two pillars.
  • Associated with the Greek mythology twins, Castor and Pollux, which is why they are said to have a dual nature — Castor and Pollux are the heads/the brightest stars of this constellation.
  • The Gemini constellation can be found near Orion.
  • In astrology and Tarot, “The Lovers” card is often associated with the Gemini zodiac sign because it represents communication and duality.

Gemini Symbol

Gemini are commonly associated with twins because of the dual nature of their personality. They are inconsistent and indecisive due to their inner restlessness. However, they are also adaptable and capable of adjusting to whatever new challenges are thrown their way. This is because they are deeply inquisitive and are constantly searching for an understanding of the world. Overall, Gemini welcome any and all challenges because they cannot stand repetition or any semblance of boredom.

Their dislike of boredom extends to their social life. Gemini always need to be moving and will lose interest in a conversation if it doesn’t flow fast enough. ‘The Lovers’ card is commonly associated with them because verbal communication is immensely important in their friendships, careers, and relationships. Gemini love exchanging ideas and can hold a conversation with anyone they meet. Because they are social butterflies who are always ready for a conversation, they dislike being alone. They would rather be surrounded by other people and keeping themselves busy, which is why they are fans of networking, multitasking, and problem-solving.

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Under the Ruling Planet Mercury

  • Mercury is the planet closest to the sun. 
  • Mercury is a messenger and represents thinking and communication. 
  • We hear ”the planet mercury is in retrograde” – what does that mean for astrology and Gemini people
    • When Mercury goes into retrograde, it means that the planet moves so slowly around the sun that it appears to be moving backward. Because of this slight change, it feels as if everything is going wrong and all hell breaks loose. However, if a planet retrograde happens in your sign (Mercury in Gemini), then that means everything for you is strengthened.

Gemini’s mind and mouth are always moving at lightning speed because they are ruled by Mercury, which is the planet of communication. Gemini can absorb a lot of information at any given time because they are quick-witted and mentally flexible. However, they have a cool detachment to their surroundings. They base all of their decisions on logic and reason. Because of this, when Mercury is in Gemini you will be more focused on facts and data than big, philosophical questions.

The influence of the planet will also make you feel fickle and fidgety. At this time, you are going to feel more distracted than usual. You won’t be able to focus on a single thought for long. Instead, you are going to have a million different ideas, but you aren’t going to follow through on any of them. This is because Gemini are curious, inquisitive, and talkative. They like to think, talk, listen and learn more than they like to take action. This is why they commonly become skilled in many different areas instead of focusing on mastering a single one.

Gemini and the Air Element

  • This zodiac sign has an air element, much like how an Aquarius and Libra do. 
  • In astrology, this is what it means to be an “air sign” →  intellectual, interesting, curious, perceptive, cooperative, can put themselves in others’ shoes

People who are born under the influence of air signs, such as Geminis, will instantly notice every single thing in their surroundings. Since they are so perceptive, they are able to put themselves in other people’s shoes easily. On the plus side, this makes it easy for them to cooperate and communicate with others. However, being able to predict what everyone wants from them can also lead them toward people-pleasing. Since Gemini want a better world, it is tempting for them to try to please everyone in their personal and professional lives, which can cause burnout. 

However, although Gemini are social creatures, they still need plenty of space. They do not enjoy being tied down. They need the freedom to do whatever spontaneous action pops into their mind. They cannot handle confinement because it makes them feel restless. It makes them feel suffocated. Like air, you can never catch them.

Strengths of a Gemini 

  • Curious
  • Adaptable 
  • Ability to exchange ideas 
  • Tender/gentle

Weaknesses of a Gemini 

  • Nervous
  • Indecisive 
  • Inconsistent 

Traits of a Gemini Person

If your sun sign is in Gemini, these are your dominant traits: 

  • Often perceived as someone who has 2 personalities in one body — “two-faced”.
  • This goes back to the idea of the twins Castor and Pollux. 
  • Good at communication.
  • A social butterfly. 
  • ”Mutable” means to be flexible, so Geminis typically have an open mind about things.
  • This air sign is often curious with the world and just wants to experience everything — they ride the roller coaster of life and like to have fun.

Geminis are excellent communicators in both verbal and written form. While this is often a positive trait that draws people to them, it can also mean they are persuasive, coercive, and skilled at lying. Their two-faced personality, which causes them to switch back and forth on ideas and important issues, can cause confusion amongst their peers. Additionally, since they get bored easily in romantic relationships, friendships, and careers, they are often switching life paths and starting over.

Luckily, Geminis go with the flow. They are open-minded about whatever challenges await them. Their main concern is having fun and enjoying the moment, so they aren’t going to dwell on what is behind them. They are much more focused on the present than the past or even the future, partially because what they wanted yesterday has no bearing on what they might want tomorrow. Their dreams are as unpredictable as their moods.

If Your Moon Sign is in Gemini

First, what’s a moon sign? A moon sign represents your emotions, feelings, soul urges, and how much or how little you show yourself to people. A ”personality” that you show to a friend or someone you’re in a relationship with if you’re willing to be vulnerable. And doesn’t often come out the way our sun sign does.

So what does that mean about your moon sign is in Gemini

  • Craves connection.
  • Great at communication.
  • Looking for someone to be your perfect match in love. 
  • Hard for a Gemini to just feel their feelings, accept them, and work on healing. They often get distracted, feel restless, and sometimes act out in “two-faced” behavior.

Although Geminis are chatty, it is difficult for them to express their emotions. Instead of talking about their innermost feelings, they cope using cynical humor and avoidance techniques. They will commonly turn weighty, negative conversations into more lighthearted conversations because they are uncomfortable with sharing emotional experiences. When they’re upset themselves, they will do whatever is possible in order to distract themselves. Because of their inability to sit with an emotion for long, they tend to have high highs and low lows. However, they have no problem cheering up others who are upset. They are nurturing and always know the right thing to say to calm others.

When the moon is in Gemini, you are going to flit from group to group, involving yourself with a lot of different people. Even though Geminis don’t like to share their emotions, they love to gossip. They love knowing what goes on in other people’s lives. Unfortunately, they’re not good with discretion. They talk too much, which can make them come across as unreliable, like they can’t keep a secret.

If Your Rising Sign is in Gemini 

First, what’s a rising sign? In your zodiac chart, you have a rising (or ascendant) sign. This is how people perceive you; the personality traits people notice when they first meet you.

For a Gemini: 

  • Social; will introduce themselves to anyone and everyone.
  • Might seem distracted while they’re talking to you → in their mind, they’re actually multitasking (because they’re often restless and just want to dip their toes into everything, especially if it’s fun).
  • Intellectual.

Geminis are the fun friend. They are quick-witted and can keep any conversation going. Plus, they are hilarious. They can always come up with a clever joke or double entendre that will make everyone around them burst into laughter. However, they have large groups of friends without many close friends because they are so changeable. They fear boredom and don’t want to feel trapped, like they’re stuck in one place. Because of this, they prefer busy scenes where they can meet new people and engage in new experiences. 

Since Geminis are restless, they cannot remain in repetitive situations for long. They need to keep trying new things, keep venturing out on new adventures. They require constant stimulation. That is why they have a hard time staying focused during a conversation. Their mind is always pulling them in a million different directions. If someone isn’t engaging their intellect, then their thoughts are going to drift off about something more captivating.

If Your Venus Sign is in Gemini

First, what’s a Venus sign?  Taken from Venus, the Goddess of Love, the Venus sign in your zodiac chart represents love. This is how you love, how you express affection, and how you find joy and fun in things.

For a Gemini: 

  • Good at communication and want someone who can keep up with you.  
  • Flirty, jokey – to you, love is fun. 
  • Tend to use words more than actions — not really sentimental.
  • Some Venus Geminis are nervous about commitment and some are fine with it/are loyal.

Gemini Man 

If you want to attract a Gemini man or want just want to know more about how this person acts, here are some things you should know: 

  • Enthusiastic and full of life. 
  • Chatty.
  • Open to new experiences, especially sexually. 

Duality — will be wild and adventurous (one side to them) but if their partner doesn’t match their level of excitement, they will get bored (another side to them)

For Gemini, love doesn’t always last. They get distracted easily and hate the feeling of being tied down, so whenever they fall for someone, they worry the feeling might pass just as quickly as it arrived. Due to their fickle desires, they don’t tend to make future plans. Their spontaneity can be fun at first, but it can also make long-term relationships challenging. Since Gemini men are not always consistent or reliable, they need a partner who is independent, patient, and understanding of the fact that they are going to feel like two completely different people at times.

Sexually, a Gemini man will want someone who is willing to experiment. Routine bores him in his day-to-day life, and this extends to the bedroom. He won’t want to repeat the same acts at the same time each evening or he will grow discontent. He would rather explore new places and positions, so his sex life feels unpredictable. However, the most important thing to him is passion. If his partner isn’t excited about being with him, then he is going to lose interest. He is going to grow restless and search elsewhere for love.

Gemini Woman 

If you want to attract a Gemini woman or want just want to know more about how this person acts, here are some things you should know: 

  • Dual nature: gentle one moment and distant the next — by distancing herself, she’s just trying to protect her heart. It will take time for her to open up and be in a committed relationship. 
  • Open-minded and likes to learn/do new things.
  • Intellectual.
  • Enthusiastic.

A Gemini woman is going to be intense. She needs to stay excited about her current relationship, or she is going to get bored and wander off to the next person who catches her eye. Although there is no telling whether her loyalty will last, she doesn’t mind making the first move when she develops feelings for someone. However, she cannot be with a possessive partner. She needs the ability to travel and expose herself to new experiences. Speaking of which, when she is in the process of dating, she won’t want to develop a predictable routine with her partner. She will want to try new things and visit new places on a frequent basis.

Although Gemini women are fickle with love, they know exactly what they want. They commonly fall in love with people who are intelligent, people who are well-read, people who will challenge their intellect. However, change comes easily to a Gemini woman. If she is unhappy in a relationship, she will speak her mind. She won’t stay in the wrong relationship for long. She will embark on a new experience and search for someone else who keeps her mentally and physically stimulated.

7 Interesting Things To Know About Geminis

  1. Pretty independent but have an easy time making friends. 
  2. They need a strong mental connection in their friendships and relationships or else it won’t last. 
  3. Often manipulative and do what they need to do to get things their way.
  4. If they’re upset about something or someone, they won’t make a scene of things but rather, bottle things up and will call you names under their breath. 
  5. “I always win.” – their mantra, if you will. 
  6. To get on their good side, make them laugh. Have fun with them. 

When a Gemini loves you, they really love you. They won’t say “I love you” unless they mean it.

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