30 Hilarious Responses To Use When Someone Asks, 'What's Up?'

30 Hilarious Responses To Use When Someone Asks, ‘What’s Up?’

The next time someone asks you what’s up, hit them with one of these responses from Ask Reddit.

1. A movie about an old guy who makes his house fly away and kidnaps an Asian kid.

2. My blood pressure.

3. Nothin’ but the rent.

4. My serotonin levels after seeing you my friend.

5. Why, what did you hear?

6. A two letter word indicating direction.

7. My pants. Want to do something about that?

8. Sure ain’t my pay.

9. My anxiety levels.

10. Stiff dicks and airplanes. Lately just airplanes.

11. The price of gas.

12. Oh you know… same soup just reheated.

13. A few planets.

14. The direction diametrically opposed to the force of gravity.

15. Anything taller than me.

16. If I told you, would you sit on it?

17. Living the dream.

18. How much time do you have?

19. A chicken’s ass when it eats.

20. Hard dicks and helicopters.

21. Something Rick Astley refuses to give anyone, especially you.

22. The ceiling.

23. Is it just me or does it smell like updog in here?

24. Not me, I’ve been real depressed lately.

25. My cholesterol.

26. Childhood obesity in America.

27. The opposite of “down”.

28. I have a boyfriend.

29. Thanks, you too.

30. Waasaaaaaaaaapp! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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