Why Do Cats Sleep So Much

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

Why do cats sleep so much? Is it really because of laziness?

Most cats sleep around fifteen hours per day. However, they are able to sleep up to twenty hours per day. Why do cats sleep so much? We’re about to find out.

Why are cats always asleep?

Cats are most active between dawn and dusk. That means you might think that your cat is sleeping all of the time, but really they are awake while you are sleeping and vice versa.

The reason cats are most active at night is because their ancestors lived in the wild and would hunt at night. They would expend a lot of energy at once chasing their prey, so when they were finished hunting, they would need to rest for a long time in order to gain their energy back.

Even when your cat looks like they are sound asleep, they might only  be ‘snoozing.’ Half of the time your cat will be in deep sleep, but the other half of the time they will be awake enough to pounce at a moment’s notice. This is why you might notice their ears twitching or rotating towards noises, even when their eyes are fully closed.

However, during the thirty percent of the time when they are actually in deep sleep, they are able to have dreams just like humans do. If their whiskers or paws are twitching, then they are probably dreaming.

What kind of cats sleep the most?

Younger cats and older cats tend to sleep more often than cats in the middle stages of their life. Kittens need energy because they are growing. Older cats need energy because they are dealing with the problems of aging, like joint issues and arthritis.

Overweight cats sleep more often than healthy cats, because they get tired easier. If you put them on a healthier diet, then they will have an increase in energy.

Cats are also impacted by the weather, just like we are. You know how you get sleepier when rain is splashing against your windows? Cats feel the same way and sleep more when it is cloudy and raining out.

Cats will also sleep out of boredom, which means that if you are not paying them enough attention or giving them enough toys and treats, they will decide there is nothing better to do than close their eyes.

Can cats adjust their sleep schedule?

Cats will adapt to their surroundings. If they want to spend more time with you, then they are going to figure out when you are home, awake, and paying attention to them. Then they will base their sleep schedule around you!

Cats will also adjust their sleep schedules based on their eating schedule. They will make sure they are awake for their food, because they won’t want to miss a meal.

Even though it might seem like your cat is lazy, remember that they are built to sleep for long hours. It is normal for them to spend the majority of the day with their eyes closed.

If you notice your cat losing sleep, you should consider taking them to a veterinarian to make sure everything is okay. If they stop sleeping, it could be a sign that they are not feeling well, and you want to make sure they are in perfect health so you can live long lives together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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