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What You Should Expect In The Next 3 Years Of Your Relationship, Based On Your Zodiac Anniversary

In the same way that your zodiac sign is determined by the day you were born, your zodiac anniversary is determined by the day – or period of time – in which your relationship began.

The premise of the zodiac is that the first energy that you are exposed to as an infant has an impact on who you are and how you will develop. Basically, when you’re born, you’re a blank slate, and initial exposure to certain energy patterns can influence your preferences and certain behaviors.

The same goes for your relationship. For example, Sagittarius relationships tend to be adventurous but slow to commit, while Scorpio relationships are passionate, but harbor secrets and mistrust.

To help you imagine what’s next for you and your beloved, here is exactly what you should expect in the next 3 years of your relationship:


Aries couples are known for being sapiosexuals, or people who are attracted to intelligence. These relationships tend to blossom out of mutual interests or shared ideas. Save to say, these relationships are not at all shallow, but power dynamics can become an issue down the line.

2018: This is the year of commitment. It’s the time of do or die. There are many transits this year that are lighting up houses of long-term relationships, shared finances, and joint ventures. This means that your relationship is likely being tested right now: is this actually someone you want to spend the next chapter of your life with? If there are any lingering uncertainties, they will surface so that you can make an informed decision.

2019: Next year will bring a degree of certainty that you’ve been craving. If you did choose to commit to someone, you’ll really start to settle into your life together. This could mean moving into the same apartment or house, or even just merging friend groups and more weekend plans. Overall, it’s a year for strengthening the beginnings, and remembering that growing pains are normal.

2020: This year will present another major test for the relationship because it will be time to make even deeper commitments than before. This will require sacrifice and vulnerability on behalf of both partners. If you do decide to take the leap (it could mean marriage, a baby, or anything else) you will begin to settle into the comfort of someone who you know is for certain. It’s destined to be a blissful time.


Taurus couples tend to be attractive and ambitious, and totally head over heels for each other. Couples that get together in Taurus tend to have mutual goals and interests, but find that a major roadblock is learning to collaborate – and compromise – with someone who has a slightly different vision.

2018: This is a year for fun-loving exploration. Don’t know whether or not this is really the relationship for you? No worries. This is a year to really see what it is that makes each partner think, tick, and get turned on… and it’s an even better time to be lighthearted about who comes in and out of the picture. If you’re committed, it will be about letting your inner child come out and doing some deep, necessary healing to find real joy again.

2019: This will be the year to mend what’s still broken. That may sound intimidating, but it won’t be. Here’s the thing: once you find someone with whom you are completely happy and comfortable, you start to feel safe enough to really let your deeper conflicts and worries surface. This doesn’t mean everything is going to hell – quite the opposite, in fact. It means that you’re about to reach a new level of intimacy, first with yourself, and then with what you’re willing to share and experience with another person.

2020: This will be the year that the relationship changes for good. Maybe one partner had shallow requirements for a potential partner. Maybe another was too concerned with how the other person impacted their image rather than how they affected their heart and mind. All of this will be rectified now because when true partnership and meaningful love is found, it’s easy to see the error of your ways. It’s a time for major growth and deepening, and it will change your love forever.


Gemini couples are outgoing, fun-loving, and tend to compete for the spotlight in a sense. What holds them back is their unpredictable (and often illogical) mood swings, and learning to cope with the ups and downs of their relationship is something that doesn’t come naturally. However, the ball in their court is that Geminis are naturally committed and loyal – and for a relationship that seems worth it, Gem couples will do anything to see it through.

2018: This year, it’s easy to feel as though your relationship has taken a back seat to everything else that’s happening in life. Geminis are going through difficult transits this year, mostly relating to work, organization and their roles in the community. This means that it will be easy for them to want to put their relationship goals on the back burner.

2019: This will be the year of not only reconciling with oneself but reconciling with each other. After going through tons of self-growth and discovery the year prior, 2019 will be about each partner rediscovering themselves in their relationship, and discovering that because they have changed, so too must their partnership.

2020: This will be the year that you see whether or not a Gemini relationship has the depth and strength to actually last. This is an amazing thing: true intentions will be revealed, and if your relationship is meant to work, it will. There will be no more second guessing or wondering. After years of self-work, each partner is now more themselves than ever… which means that their relationship will either be better, or worse, than before.


Cancer relationships are the most grounded, honest and easily committed that there are. These relationships begin just as the heat of summer begins to pick up, and within them, each partner finds a sense of wholeness and comfort that can only be described as “home.”

2018: Though it often seems like every year is the year for Cancer relationships, 2018 is especially pronounced when it comes to partnerships. Committed couples will see different sides to their partners, and the depth of their connection will be explored like never before. It’s also possible that multiple phases of a relationship could weave in and out of the year. Cancer relationships are on rocky waters for the next few months, but that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to sink.

2019: Next year, the tides will settle a bit and Cancer relationships will find themselves on a totally different shore and in previously uncharted territories. Maybe the relationship is going to a level of commitment one or both partners hadn’t experienced before. Maybe the relationship was totally unexpected, and one partner isn’t quite sure what to make of it. Maybe after years of commitment, you’re finding out that your partner isn’t exactly who you originally thought. That’s okay: this is the year to see clearly and decide if this new, exciting adventure is right for you after all.

2020: This will be the year that will make or break Cancer relationships, but it won’t happen all at once. Maybe one partner will realize that this isn’t what they were looking for after all, or maybe another will decide that they’re going to keep trying, even when things seem irreconcilable. For those couples who are able to stick it out, it will be a blissful time of deep, never-before-felt connection and passion, and for those who aren’t, it will be a time to return to what’s more comfortable.


Leo couples embody fire and heat, with their relationship embodying the apex of summer love. Coming just after the grounded and homey Cancer couples, Leo couples tend to be strong-willed and, when at their best, complementary of one another. They are true partners in every sense of the word, their main challenge is to ensure that their egos aren’t in constant competition.

2018: This is a major year for Leo couples because it’s the year that real, authentic commitments need to be made. It’s not only that these couples will be reaching new milestones together for the first time, it’s that they’ll be expanding their social circles, being introduced if not welcomed into new families, and really doing some self-reflection to see if they are exactly who they want to be at this phase in their lives.

2019: This is the year that Leo couples are in for the unexpected. It’s time for these couples to start showing their commitments and taking next steps together. Whether it’s major investments, starting a family, or even just making their relationship known to friends and family, it will be an unprecedented year filled with equally unexpected joy and learning.

2020: This is the year that the Leo couple starts to settle into their new normal. After a handful of years of radical change, it’s safe to say that these two people aren’t the same as when they first met, and that’s okay. What matters now is that they learn to adjust to their new lives together, and realize that deep down, they are probably more themselves than ever before.


Virgo couples are passionate and helpful, but can sometimes play the martyr to each other. Overall, they make for amazingly committed partners, but at times, their overthinking and worrying can ruin a perfectly good thing.

2018: For Virgo couples, this is not so much the year for commitment as it is the year for journeying together. For couples new and old, it will be a time for exploring new cities, making new friends, and really learning to just do life together. Keeping it lighthearted is important, and seeing each other through the inevitable frustrations and difficulties that can sometimes arise in life will only prove the relationship’s strength long-term.

2019: This is the year that Virgo couples will seriously start to second guess what they really want in a partner. This is not a bad thing: it offers a chance for each person to get clear on their needs and wants. If they communicate them correctly, this can only stand to deepen and strengthen the relationship long-term. This is not the year to worry so much about whether or not things become official, it’s the year to follow your heart and see where it leads.

2020: If the Virgo relationship lasts until this year, it will be a time for rethinking commitments, and learning to do them on their own terms. Maybe a big wedding isn’t their style. Maybe they want to start a business together. Either way, big changes are on the menu, and in true Virgo style, it’s going to be totally unique and exciting.


Libra relationships rule the zodiac as the most romantic, passionate partners. However, their unruly emotions can get in the way of them, and their unrealistic standards can dampen the whole “unconditional love” thing. Overall, these partners are super loyal and amazingly fun to be with.

2018: This is the year of achieving balance, so while it may be a landmark year in some aspects of the relationship, it will also definitely be counterbalanced by other major life events that are going on. This couple has a lot on their plate this year, so it’s best to remember to savor the good moments, learn from the hard ones, and know when it’s time to close the phone and focus on the moment.

2019: This will be an amazingly productive year for Libra relationships. Whether they are interested in buying property, traveling, or even just strengthening their bond as a couple, they can do no wrong this year, with so many planets transiting to support their endeavors, especially if they have to do with creativity and finance.

2020: This is the year that Libra relationships settle down a little bit… something that the partners definitely won’t be used to. However, this doesn’t mean the relationship is over: in fact, it probably means that a whole new phase has begun, one in which both partners realize that the epitome of love isn’t always gooey eyes and sex, it’s also a comfortable and trustworthy partnership that becomes a grounding force in your life.


Scorpio relationships are fiery, passionate, and seedy all at the same time. There’s nobody as loyal and committed as a Scorpio, but their deeply harbored resentments can at times get the best of them. Their insecurities and jealousies will mostly come out as “humor.”

2018: This is the year that Scorpio couples will realize that they can trust each other. It might sound like a simple sentiment, but it’s novel for the sign that’s infamous for not being willing to open up to others. However, this is the year that Scorpio couples realize that to really end up happy, they need to not only be willing to get hurt but also be able to put aside their unrealistic standards and accept another person for who they are.

2019: This will be the year that Scorpio relationships start to hit their stride. At the beginning, it’s often so much of a game to see whether or not the other person is even interested beyond a 2 a.m. text, so when Scorpio relationships get to the point of deeper commitment, it’s an exciting and important thing. However, learning how to actually be with someone rather than just try to earn their approval for the sake of your own self-worth is a big thing, and this will be the year for Scorpio couples to tackle it.

2020: For couples who make it through 2019, this will be the year of radical transformation and unprecedented commitment. There will be a lightness and a certainty about your relationship that didn’t exist before. For other Scorpio couples, the year prior will have proven to show too many incompatibilities, but that’s not a bad thing: it means each person grew and learned a lot for their next try.


Sagittarius couples are fun-loving, adventurous, but shy to commit and easy to be misled. They are soulful couples, but cover up the depth of their feelings for one another with dry humor and typically, over-socialization or even vices like drinking.

2018: This is the year that starts to warm up a Sag couple into realizing that maybe their “soulmate relationship” is more than just firework sex and insane chemistry. This year will present multiple opportunities for this couple to lay roots and commit to one another in new ways, but it’s up to them to see if they choose that over their typical nomadic selves.

2019: This will be the year that Sag couples have to reconcile their genuine feelings for one another. Issues that have been pushed under the rug (or, more likely, run from) have to be addressed. Long-distance relationships either need to be moved together or end. Deep-seeded issues either need to be talked about or dissolved. It will be an intense time for Sag couples, but the payout will be more important: they’ll know who really matters, and they’ll know where they really stand.

2020: This will be the year that’s all about striking an appropriate balance between each partner being dedicated to their own self-interests, and being willing to sacrifice for one another. The reality is that even if it seems like the stars align if one or both partners won’t stay committed, the relationship won’t work out. These are the months each partner will decide whether or not they’re really in.


Capricorn couples are romantic and emotional when alone, but serious and determined to the outside world. They are fast to commit but often find themselves trying to make things work with people who aren’t 100% invested as well. If the Cap couple is aligned, however, it’s a match destined for lifelong bliss.

2018: This is the year that Capricorn couples will learn to let go of all the unhealthy attachments they typically bring to relationships. These couples will learn that their partner does not exist to save or fix them, rather, to be someone with whom life is enjoyed. This process will be slow, but it’s important. Cap couples will find authenticity and a new kind of connection by sloughing off all of the residue from their past.

2019: This will be the year that Capricorn couples grapple with whether to commit for the long-term. Caps are notorious for being the last zodiac sign to ever fear something like commitment, but when in the face of potentially life-long decisions, Cap couples will be more uncertain than you’d think. What’s most important is that the couple is given time to figure it all out on their own terms.

2020: This will be the year of newness for Capricorn couples, even if they have stayed with their same partner. It will be a year that they totally rethink what it means to be in love and be a healthy, strong counterpart. Many Capricorn couples will find themselves feeling like the relationship their in is totally different than anything they would have predicted… and that’s a good thing! The only roadblock is getting past a Cap’s typical resistance to accepting the unexpected.


Aquarius couples are energetic, innovative, interesting and always passionate about each other. However, they can often float off into their own little world, and struggle to maintain their other responsibilities when they are totally engulfed in another person.

2018: Aquarius relationships are being put to the test this year. It’s a matter of figuring out why each partner committed in the first place if it’s something they really want to stay in, and what it will mean if they do stick around. It’s a year to be practical rather than their typical existential self, and trying not to get too meta about what the relationship “means” will actually help them in the long-run.

2019: This will be the year that new relationships and commitments are born for Aquarius couples. Their identity has been totally changed over the past year or so, and that means their relationships will inevitably change as well.

2020: This will be the year that Aquarius couples find themselves in love like never before. With all of the uncertainty and questionability of the prior months behind them, it’s time to feel renewed confidence about what the future may hold together. Aquarius couples are going to thrive in 2020, and they’re going to make it known to the world that they belong entirely to each other.


Pisces couples are eccentric, creative, loving and devoted. Sometimes, their hypersensitivities can get the best of them and they can struggle with overthinking things and creating drama where there need not be any.

2018: This is the year that Pisces couples find themselves committed (or wanting to commit) in a way they never conceived of before. It may be timing, it may be finding the right person, or it may be a bit of both. Either way, Pisces couples are making major changes in their personal lives right now, and relationships that happen to come together this year will be refreshing, electric, and unpredictable.

2019: This is the year that Pisces couples will find themselves reorienting their lives to accommodate their relationships – and seeing how far they’re willing to go. Some may feel that they have already given too much of themselves and will want to call it quits, while others will be convinced that there’s no sacrifice too great for real, lasting love. Either way, it will be a year that defines the next decade.

2020: Though Pisces are often the last to conform to society’s expectations, this could be the year that Pisces couples actually toy with the idea. Once they’re happy and comfortable with someone they know they trust and want to be with for a very long time, Pisces may put their sensitivities aside, get their head out of the clouds, and make real, concrete plans for a future with the person who has captivated them from the start. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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