Incase You’ve Forgotten — You’re Easy To Love

Ali Kaukas

Incase you’ve forgotten–you’re easy to love.
Incase you’ve forgotten–you don’t need to convince anybody to love you.
Incase you’ve forgotten–you cannot do love wrong. If you fuck this up by loving somebody too soon, it wasn’t the thing.
Incase you’ve forgotten–love falls like sunshine from your being every single moment without you doing anything or having anything or being anything. Right now, you are ready to love and be loved. The question is, are you willing?
Incase you’ve forgotten–you are not here to play small. You were born worthy and deserving of all the love your heart can digest, and you may have forgotten that, or made other people’s actions about you–and it’s never about you. You are worthy and deserving of all the love the moment you first open your lungs.
Incase you’ve forgotten–you are not jealousy or insecurity or anger or shame, you are love. Emotions get to be taken off and put on and taken off again. But your base line is love–the rest is just in transit.
Incase you’ve forgotten–this is happening for you, not to you.
Incase you’ve forgotten–you are composed of stardust and the oceans sweat and the nights infinity.
Incase you’ve forgotten–I wrote this for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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