Because — Truth

Jinna Yang

It is so empowering
to realize
that I’m not crazy
that I’m actually just skilled beyond comprehension at being
and real
in a world where we don’t communicate
and the men they throw their hands to the air
stop analyzing
stop being in your head
let’s just be in the moment
cruise baby
and it feels so good to listen to the part of me that needs to be listened to
and to say the monsters out loud
even if it’s not the right place
or the right time
and even if he rolls his eyes and wants to leave
because we receive the kind of love we give ourselves and I was spit from the womb swearing truth
and if your hands cannot hold my truth
my fear
because somedays I’m fire
and sometimes I’m insecure as shit
then you are not my king
and my crown is not broken
it was never broken
we just live in a broken world where we live to sweep the ugly under the mat
and I know that although the truth may sting
it is always loving
and I love you
and myself
to be uncomfortable
at 4 PM at a cruisy bar on the beach
I love you and myself enough to feel comfortable saying
not because the but is real
or I want to cause havoc and chaos
Because truth
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