This Is For The Powerful Women That Men Love To Conquer And Leave

Ali Kaukas

I lay on a wooden slate
looking at the green of Ecuador
do men like to conquer you?
he asks
I reply
from somewhere inside
somewhere inside that knows
not my brain
not my heart
they are attracted to me because of my success
in my business
the wisdom that falls from my mouth
from a handful of experiences
from a life lived
why are you single?
they stammer over red glasses of wine
eyes filled with infatuation
powerful men
business men
with 5 companies
one man once said
you intimidate me so much I just want you to ask me out so that I can turn you down
just to say I turned you down
my heart turns its head
some men have problems dating me because of it
can’t fit two alphas in one room
I say
sometimes they just want to conquer me
to bang me
or bang my soul
and then they are off hunting for the next one
to steal the light
I’m a shiny trophy
because of the punches in my layers
but men who hunt trophies don’t care about the prize
they just want another one on the wall
remember that poet?
that Robinson?
I fucked her till the sun came out
So how do I attract the ones who don’t want trophies?
I ask
be the empowerment you already are
be the contentment you already are
rest in who you are now
and he will walk over to you
from across the room
and exist as all of the mighty contentment you hold inside of you
and say
there is just something about you
and not a something about you I wanna put you on my wall
a something about you I want to love and hold through the night. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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