16 Things You Should Remember When Everything’s The Worst

1. You’re going through a thing. I don’t know what you’re going through, but it’s clearly something significant and when you’re going through something significant, you should honor that in the best way possible: by just letting it happen.

2. There is no use fighting this. You’re only going to make it worse by judging yourself for feeling like The Worst, hon.

3. Speaking of judging yourself? STOP IT. STOP IT RIGHT NOW.

4. You know what makes things go from manageable to miserable? Being in a shit mood or having a shit week or a shit month and then being super pissed off at yourself for feeling that way. As if you need more reasons to feel like shit. Come on.

5. Be kind to yourself. What if you completely accepted that things were going to be not okay for right now? How would you feel then?

6. Remember the last time things were The Worst? You got through that. One day, this moment could be your reminder of what you’re capable of withstanding.

7. Get your wallow on. This is an unpopular opinion considering everyone thinks you can just magically CHOOSE HAPPINESS AT ALL TIMES FOREVER, but sometimes you got to get your wallow on hard.

8. I give you permission to not think positive. People can sometimes be The Worst with their condescending advice about thinking positive or choosing happiness, but I give you full permission to throw yourself a negativity party.

9. You’re doing the best you can. Even if things are The Worst for you right now, you’re doing your Best and handling it however you can. At least, I hope you are. You’re the judge of you, so you can figure this out, but I think you’re probably doing okay. Right? Are you okay? Maybe call your mom? Or someone who is like your surrogate mom if you don’t have a mom or if you and your mom aren’t close?

10. Don’t get drunk. You know you’re just going to end up crying. DON’T BE THAT PERSON.

11. Unless you really, really, really, really need to be that person. I get that. Sometimes the only thing that will get you out of a funk is to just get ugly drunk and cry that shit out. I’m not just talking to girls here. Guys, you know you get ugly drunk and cry, don’t even try to shake your head and deny it.

12. This too shall pass. It literally always does. You know as well as I do that it can take one second to transform everything from being The Worst into everything being The Best. Wait for that moment.

13. It’s all growth. Whoever said self-growth was this rainbow-studded process of joy and love and ease was a liar. It’s work! It hurts! It sucks sometimes! But, hey, you’re growing, you’re putting yourself out there, you’re doing things and you’re getting hurt, which means you’re caring about shit.

14. And you know what we need more of? People who care about shit. Like you. Yeah, you. We need more of you.

15. So, let yourself be hurt or sad or down or disappointed. Because it means you were invested and that means you went against the temptation of apathy. It’s easy to stop giving a shit and you didn’t. Be proud of that.

16. You’re alive. Sure, things aren’t exactly working in your favor right now, but you’re living, you’re breathing, and you’re getting through it. Keep going. One day soon, this will be a story you tell yourself, a memory of a past version of yourself. You’ll continue on. Because, this is what makes up a life. It’s a collection of moments: mundane, lovely, gorgeous, sad, disappointing, frustrating, joyous alike. These are your moments. Take them with you, it’s all you’ve got. You got this. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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