27 Signs You’re Too Sensitive To Function Like A Normal Human Being

This was too real, you guys. WAY. TOO. REAL.

The Mindy Project
The Mindy Project

1. If someone is close to you, you will immediately sense a shift in their mood, disposition, or general well-being and will freak them out by texting, “are you ok?” and they’ll be like, “omg I was about to cry, how did you know?” And you will know, because you are the most sensitive human being on the planet and it’s a blessing and a curse, to say the absolute least of it.

2. Nobody can have a feeling around you without you picking up on it. Needless to say, being out in public can sometimes be downright exhausting for you. What is a leisurely hang-out in Starbucks for others becomes a battlefield of warding off other people’s feelings while sipping on a delicious beverage which is decidedly less delicious after feeling like you’ve picked up feelings like a bad cold.

3. If you have been invited to a group activity where four or more people will be in attendance, you need a minimum of three days to prepare yourself for said activity, as you will most likely be completely drained afterwards from picking up everyone’s feelings and attaching them to yourself all night. You walk out of there heavier than when you walked in and that’s not because of the food.

4. A heartwarming movie about people overcoming odds in any capacity? WATERWORKS FOREVER.

5. A sad movie about injustice that makes you feel helpless? Tears. So many tears!

6. A romantic movie where they end up together after getting through the tough times? Pass the tissues!

7. Literally any movie, TV show, YouTube clip, commercial, that has any heart in it whatsoever will, at the very least, get a single teardrop out of you.

8. Nobody in your life can stay upset with you because you will pick up on their cues in text, chat, anything, and be like, “tell me what’s going on,” not because you love confrontation, but because you need the energy they are expending to stay upset with you to get off of you. You can feel that shit.

9. One off-the-cuff remark or change of behavior from someone you care about and you’re in full-fledged overthinking and overanalyzing mode about what you did, what you said, and what could have caused this person to go from liking you to being cold toward you. Your overthinking abilities are Olympic gold medal level at this point, so congratulations and also sorry?

10. Having empathy for people might as well be your superpower. You get their struggle. You feel it. No, really, you FEEL it. That’s why you’re sad right now, probably picked it up on your drive home.

11. Speaking of driving, it’s hard for you, because if someone cuts you off or cuts someone else off or does anything aggressive, you take it sort of personally and you become sad for the state of the world and it plummets you into this weird existential crisis, like, “why aren’t people kinder to each other?????”

12. You have taken up yoga or meditation mainly because you needed an outlet for your thoughts and you were hoping that it could curb some of your sensitivity. (Turns out, it has made you even more sensitive and open-hearted, so great idea, yogis, buddhists, and the like!)

13. You are always trying to learn more about people, because just by nature of being sensitive, you are more in-tune. You are observant, partly because you like to spend time watching from the sidelines, as it protects you from having to be too vulnerable with anyone.

14. When you fall in love, you FALL. IN. LOVE. HARD. You are all in every single time. And you love with all your heart with the ferocity of a thousand hungry lions.

15. Yet, romantic relationships are fraught with all the difficult struggles that a sensitive person like yourself deal with. When they are stressed, you are stressed. When they are sad, you are sad. It takes all your energy to be able to feel your feelings and your feelings only without trying to gobble up your significant other’s feelings, too.

16. You are a humanist and care deeply about the plight of the human race and spend more time than is probably healthy considering the world and how you can make it a better place. Your heart is too big for your chest, mainly.

17. Probably nothing in this world makes your heart hurt more than injustice. That person did not deserve what happened to them and that is a worse fate than anything you could think of.

18. The idea of someone going to jail for a crime they did not commit really gets you in the feels, man. You are way too sensitive to be spending a lot of time thinking about that kind of situation. Abort that thought! (Sorry I brought it up, friend.)

19. You actually feel like your skin is on inside out. That’s how sensitive you are. You don’t just wear your heart on your sleeve, you wear your heart on every single part of your body. You feel deeply, to say the least. And every word, emotion, action hits you directly in the heart, which, as we just established, is on every single inch of your body, so yeah, it’s intense.

20. Speaking of intense, you are intense! You like to have these deep spiritual and philosophical conversations about the human race and the past and the future and you are a brilliant conversationalist because of it. (But also, you maybe need to chill out and have fun, because you can exhaust yourself. Wine helps.)

21. Biggest duh ever is you love to read. Come on.

22. You have felt that you are a little bit psychic. You can pick up on people’s energy so strongly it feels as though you can see inside their soul. Many times, you will follow your intuition and be so spot on that it freaks you out a little bit.

23. If there is a puppy or a kitten on or around your person, you are NOT OKAY. Like, you are NOT OKAY in the sense that you are having a meltdown from being so overwhelmed by love that it’s too much for your sensitive heart to handle.

The Mindy Project
The Mindy Project

24. If you hear a song that reminds you of a hard or amazing or any big grand emotional time, you have lost it and are deep in the throes of whatever memory you just blacked into.

25. You need A LOT of alone time to just decompress, figure out your own feelings, and generally be one with yourself. It’s not easy having everything anyone ever does affect your mood. Sometimes you need to barricade yourself and be like, I am the only one allowed to feel anything right now!

26. Totally normal for you to wake up in the morning and be 100% certain that you will end the day in a big puddle of your own tears. There’s just too much that has been bottled up and it’s gotta come out and you know when it’s going to happen, so get your tissues and Adele-like playlist queued up, my friend.

27. Yes, you are emotional and sensitive, but that means, essentially, you are an incredible friend to everyone. You just want to let people feel their feelings and listen and hear about their life and help them. So, while it can be annoying to cry at every single animated film that has ever existed and feel as though your skin is covered in nerve endings, it actually serves to be a wonderful thing when you think about it. You are loving and compassionate and kind and don’t we need more of that? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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