In A World Full Of Pretty, Look For Beauty

Pretty is everywhere.

It’s ubiquitous in that it’s common and easily rendered.

Beauty is everywhere.

It’s ubiquitous in that, if you mind it, it will always reveal itself.

Beauty encompasses flaws rather than giving them masks. And by masks, I mean faces over faces and closets for skeletons.

Pretty excludes flaws rather than lifting the curtain. And by curtains, I mean shiny teeth and shiny lies.

Beauty is both the first chair violinist and the local park’s bucket percussionist.

Pretty is a pop song. FM friendly. Primetime words. Melodies you’ve already heard.

Pretty begins and ends at eyes and ears.

Beauty begins anywhere and stops at nothing.

Beauty is deviation. Beauty is respected.

Pretty is convention. Pretty is accepted.

Beauty finds the creases and gives them context. Beauty says, “This is rough, but it’s real.” Beauty is the sun setting on war zones and all of its aesthetics and allegory.

Pretty smoothes edges and cuts cookies. Pretty says, “This is fake, but it’s polite.” Pretty is a plastic flower in a vase of water and all of its aesthetics and allegory.

Beauty is intrinsic yet lifetimes in the making.

Pretty is contrived yet lacking endeavor.

Pretty deceives.

Beauty believes.

Beauty transcends.

Pretty pretends.

Pretty is power at pageants and check-out counters… stopping hearts.

Beauty is power on remote islands and mountaintops… starting them.

Beauty can take years to cultivate and appreciate. It can come and go in a bolt of lightning.

Pretty can take hours of time and hundreds of dollars or can simply be born, meritless.

Beauty is both locked in buried vaults and parading on streets.

Pretty is a closed door that opens with a key everyone holds, but the door goes nowhere.

Ugly is often beautiful within.

Pretty is often ugly inside.

Beauty is timeless.

Beauty is alluring.

Pretty is temporary.

Pretty is boring. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I’m a professional mermaid.

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