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This Simple Makeup Look Will Make You Look Friendly And Approachable

There’s a time for every makeup look under heaven! A time to wear no makeup, a time to wear drag, a time to just put on foundation and then you realize you’re so late you have to leave the house immediately. There have always been popular “no makeup looks,” often with a nude eyeshadow that matches your skin color. The Keep It Simple And Civil makeup look shadows on this, and yet has more oomph and subtle glamor while still doing more with less. It is made up, and yet, it says, “I didn’t try too hard to impress you,” “I’m not trying to land you,” and “I’m a friendly, approachable, safe adult.”

The Keep It Simple And Civil makeup look is too informal for work, and yet is more makeup than you need to go to your mailbox to drop off a Netflix envelope. It is perfect for dropping off the kids at school or getting coffee with a friend. I’m not Mimi from The Drew Carey Show! Today at least! Enjoy the dignity and down-to-earthness of this look, subtly outlined in the following tips!

1. Match your lipstick to your lip color. A lot of people don’t like looking in the bathroom mirror with no makeup on, but if you do, you’ll see that you have a faint natural color to your lips! Is it rosy or ruddy? Find a shade of lip color that matches your natural shade, and see how approachable that makes you!

2. Match your eyeshadow to your clothing. A middle schooler’s first instinct is to match their eyeshadow to their clothing, until somebody at school tells them not to. It’s a pretty and pretty unpretentious look!

3. You don’t need to contour. It’s a fun challenge to master the art of fashioning a new face on top of your own. Some people find it easier to talk to people, though, when their face is less virtual reality 3D and more 2D, like an old-school cartoon. We’re all 2D in social media anyway!

4. Fill in your brows instead of plucking them. This beauty tip might seem more suited for a “Lazy Beauty” article, but filling in your brows can actually take more time than plucking a few stray hairs, and when our eyebrows look a little less severe, people see our personalities as a little less severe too! I didn’t say I was going to save you time! Comb your brows, design an outline, and fill it in with a pencil, and maybe add some eyebrow colored eyeshadow with an angled brush. You can make it slightly “highlighted” with reddish tones or go for a darker, or lighter look day by day. Other products could include a liquid eyebrow pencil or an eyebrow-colored mascara-like wand made especially for your color! Search for eyebrow products.

5. Tint your cheeks lightly. We all like a porcelain dollish red cheek, but sometimes it makes us look humiliated for no reason! Now I don’t look like I just had a social media meltdown!

6. Utilize the slightest wing of all time on your eyeliner. I can’t stay mad at Angelina from Jersey Shore for too long because I love her eyeliner! However, not all of us are from Staten Island and can pull this off as an everyday look. Use a liquid eyeliner, or even a pencil, to make the smallest wing of all time, even starting on the inside of your eyelid. It’s super feminine, and shows you didn’t read a “Lazy Beauty” article, and yet unlike Survivor, where the contestants holler, “I’m not here to make friends,” it seems like you are, indeed, here to make friends.

7. Skip the bronzer. Match your foundation perfectly to your skin color and seem less like a bobblehead! Kids who don’t wear makeup always have face colors that match their necks, and it’s so easy to talk to them!

8. Skip the eyelash curler. We’ve been aiming for friendliness, and yet, is a curled eyelash too friendly? Does it sometimes seem too Shirley Temple? I’m not tap dancing for you or trying to get adopted! But maybe I will adopt a more natural, simple lash.

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