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This Is What Your Zodiac Sign’s Ruling Insect Says About You

I’m sure many of you are thinking, “Bugs, ewah!”

I wouldn’t go to the extent to say I’m a bug person per se, but insects and their role in ancient cultures is so fascinating to me. Turns out, there’s a pre-Incan zodiac system called the entomozodiac that uses insect symbolism to represent natural cycles and personality types. Similar to how Indigenous Americans based their zodiac on an animal totem, those in the southern hemisphere saw insects in a similar light.

The entomozodiac works differently than what many of us are used to. While the tropical zodiac starts at 0° Aries, the entomozodiac starts at 0° Libra because this system was largely used in the Southern Hemisphere—noting their equinoxes are flip flopped from ours.

Note some of the insects used may get a bad rep today because of western aversion to them. However, remember ancient indigenous cultures didn’t fear them and had a special place for each on the insect totem.

So what insect rules your zodiac sign? Let’s dive in:

Libra – Scarab Beetle

Gee, leave it to the sign of prettiness to be ruled by such a beautiful beetle. Scarab beetles are known for their iridescent-like sheen that makes us do a double take. In ancient cultures, the Scarab beetle is generally seen as symbols of balance, grace, and progress. Ahem, Libra, we’re talking to you!

Libra symbolizes union, relationship, and reciprocity. Not only do beetles aid with pollination, they don’t answer to a queen because they function as equals. Sure, all insects are natural team players, but there’s something unique about the Scarab beetle because of the boundaries it willingly sets. Its ability to organize with other beetles is attributed to its long term success. Libra, nonetheless, is a socially intelligent sign who is both a leader and team player.

We see these beetles chilling on a flower alone for a reason— much like you, Libra, they can only tolerate so much BS from socializing at a time. Scarab beetles want to chill, look pretty, mate, and be unavailable after the 9-5 shift is up. We’re sure you can relate, Libra.

Scorpio – Ant

I totally think Scorpio should be the spider or an actual Scorpion, but I understand we’re talking insects here. You can be the queen ant, Scorpio, as your ring leader personality is unlikely to settle for anything less. Whether it’s at work or in your social groups, you’re the one calling the shots because your goal is to build and sustain.

Similar to how the colony wouldn’t survive without its queen, it’s safe to say the same about you, Scorpio! You hold it down for us in ways that no one else can. You’re a superb leader and organizer who is fully dedicated to what and who you love.

Ants have tough exoskeletons along with the strength to carry 50 times their own body weight. Now tell me a zodiac sign that is mentally or emotionally stronger than a Scorpio—I’ll wait.

Sagittarius – Wasp

Wasps are one of the warriors in the bug world. Wasps symbolize protection, creation, and shrewd judgment. That Sagittarius sting? Well, isn’t the wasp just fitting! Sagittarius is happy go lucky for the most part, but stand in your way and you will knock ‘em down.

Wasps are meticulous builders who design nests like an armed fortress. You’re incredibly protective of your loved ones— perhaps a little too protective. For the most part, however, wasps are constantly on the move and seeking greener pastures. Does this resonate, Saggie?

The coolest fact about wasps is how they’re essential to the wine-making process because the yeast they transmit from nibbling on grapes while on the vine help ferment them—giving wine its rich taste. Not only does Sagittarius rule the liver, they’re also a merry and festive sign, which is what wine culturally symbolizes.

Capricorn – Praying Mantis

For someone who regularly prays and manifests that best life, Capricorn, this sure is fitting! Mantises are known for their stillness and being present. The praying mantis—as well as Capricorn—symbolizes wisdom, spiritual power, and diligence. In astrology, Capricorn is known for their spiritual authority and social awareness.

Capricorn is arguably the most patient zodiac sign, which is why you do well in areas of investing. Praying mantises won’t move in on prey until they’ve fully calculated they will 100% succeed. In short, they know how to set intentions and wisely choose their battles. Capricorn, this is you to a T. You’re a calculated risk taker yet are fully aware of your limitations.

Just take note of how many Capricorns will end a conversation or caption with “stay blessed”—of course the mantis is their insect totem!

Aquarius – Butterfly

If I had a dime for every Aquarius I’ve seen with the butterfly emoji in their social media bio, we could probably end world hunger (bonus points if it’s a tattoo). Butterflies symbolize freedom, optimism, and hope in the future. It’s no wonder why this is your insect totem, our footloose and freedom loving Aquarius.

Much like caterpillars, Aquarius, you must break out of the cocoon before becoming a “social butterfly”. Despite being carefree and quirky, Aquarius is generally introverted. Butterflies go with the flow, but they also come and go as they please. If there’s an Aquarius out there reading this while going completely MIA, this one’s for you!

Have you ever tried catching a butterfly but completely failed? Well, that’s what it’s like trying to pin down an Aquarius.

Pisces – Firefly

Thing is, Pisces, you’re actually the fly in general. Since some ancient cultures interpreted the firefly in a similar way, however, we’ll just let you be that instead. I mean, that Firefly song by Owl City exudes Pisces energy if I’m being honest here.

Fireflies symbolize dreams, wishes, escapism, and spiritual awakenings. Pisces, this is all under your domain in astrology. Fireflies light up the dark and show what is truly possible. You’re an idealist at heart, whereas love and light is your personal brand.

As for the house fly—it wouldn’t be wrong to call you a fly on the wall because you’re constantly hearing things through the grapevine, whether you want to or not. *oopsies*

Aries – Moth

When I see moths going loco under your porch light, yeah, I get big Aries energy for sure. (I kid, I kid. Kind of.) Moths symbolize enlightenment, determination, and passion. Moths are also associated with clairvoyance and the ability to perceive light—hence, Aries literally rules the eyes!

Moths only want to be seen at a specific time and will blend into their surroundings, as they’re creatures of concealment. You, nonetheless, prefer solitude and are socially selective. Of course, when you’re in a social mood, your charisma attracts people similar to how a light attracts a moth.

The way moths are drawn to the flame—if it’s lit, Aries is in. Aries is in.

Taurus – Cockroach

Don’t fret, Taurus, as the cockroach totem is a lot cooler than we’d expect. Cockroaches are associated with resilience, gratitude, and resourcefulness. Cockroaches are social creatures, yet they also like to hide away and mind their own business. Similarly, Taurus is a fan of beauty naps and alone time.

Cockroaches are primarily known for eating just about anything—and Taurus the foodie is no exception! Except this isn’t because Taurus or cockroaches are “gross” or gluttonous. Food is more than a source of energy but a way of life. In astrology, food and culture are part of Taurus’s domain.

In all fairness here, the cockroaches we associate with filth—the tiny ones that European colonizers brought to the Americas—are not the same ones used in the insect totem. Cockroaches in South America are much bigger, prefer sweet foods like fruit, and live in the rainforest. If you ask me, eating fruits, roaming naked in the rainforest, and just living life is big Taurus energy.

Gemini – Mosquito

Do you hear a buzzing in your ear? Could be a mosquito—could be a Gemini. Mosquitos on the insect totem are associated with interaction, triviality, and companionship. Similar to how mosquitos rarely hush, Chatty Cathy Gemini can totally relate.

Mosquitos on the insect totem show what type of people one attracts in their groups, whereas Gemini is the sign of friendship and communication. While mosquitos are the super spreader of many diseases, well, Gemini is the super spreader of information. Gemini is notorious for over-sharing what’s on their mind.

It’s no wonder that Gemini gets as much hate as a mosquito. However, the mosquito totem appears in one’s life when they need to let go of how people misperceive them. This goes for you, Gemini, as you’re probably the friendliest and most adaptable sign. (If it were up to me, I’d totally give you a different totem.)

Cancer – Dragonfly

Looks like you have one of the flyest insects of the totem, Cancer! The dragonfly symbolizes emotion, wisdom, and joy. The dragonfly shows its true colors with its iridescent sheen. You, our beloved Cancer, are transparent with your feelings and who you are as a person.

Dragonflies are creatures of both air and water. Water is emotions while air is intellect. Cancer is a water sign who is emotionally sensitive, sure, but you’re also intelligent and creative. Of course, you as the carefree dragonfly means you may not fully apply yourself.

More importantly, the dragonfly represents how our emotions form the basis of our identity and help us reach self actualization. Cancer rules the foundation of who we are nonetheless.

Leo – Grasshopper

The energetic grasshopper as the Leo insect totem isn’t a far jump from the Lion. The grasshopper is associated with strength, courage, and creativity. The grasshopper takes a literal leap of faith and inspires us to follow our hearts. The heart centered Leo knows this all too well!

The grasshopper is not only musically inclined, but it also dances to its own rhythm. Leo is known as the performer and superstar of the zodiac. In ancient cultures, the grasshopper was a token of good luck because it meant generosity and abundance were on the way. You, our beloved Sun child, are known for your generous and selfless nature.

Much like the grasshopper, Leo, your strength helps you hop to the top.

Virgo – Bee

Oh, I think Queen Bee Beyonce will love this one—a Virgo Sun herself! Bees are associated with productivity, opportunity, and the power of miracles. Bees aren’t supposed to fly, but they somehow do. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” sums up the Virgo personality.

Ever seen how perfect a honeycomb looks? Well, Virgo, your immaculate attention to detail contributes to your perfectionist tendencies. Virgos can take on the qualities of both the drones and Queen. You’re hardworking and efficient, but people also leave you to manage the hive because you just have that magic touch.

The same way many of us are fighting to save the bees because our collective survival depends on it—it’s safe to say this world would fall apart without you, Virgo.

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