Nothing At All Needs To Be Perfect, Especially You

Nothing At All Needs To Be Perfect, Especially You

If you’re in the middle of overthinking and your thoughts are exhausting you think about this – nothing at all needs to be perfect.

Your thoughts of the future may be realistic or more likely they’re not. You can’t plan what will actually happen and while that is terrifying – you can find comfort still.

Maybe you’ll feel uncomfortable or maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll fail completely or maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll feel beautiful or maybe you won’t.  Maybe you’ll fall in love soon or maybe you won’t. Nothing at all needs to be perfect or happen perfectly. Your thoughts will tell you otherwise but you can tell them to be quiet.

You can remind yourself your life is unfolding as it needs to. You can remind yourself of the truths you believe in. You can remind yourself you’re breathing in this moment and that’s what matters most. Your breath holds you steady and you can focus on it when you feel out of control. You can remind yourself you are whole in every moment. You can remind yourself you’re doing your best. You can remind yourself you are always growing and healing. You can remind yourself you haven’t taken too many steps back. You can remind yourself time isn’t against you. The Universe isn’t against you. God isn’t against you. Love isn’t against you. Humans aren’t against. You’re the only one against you when you’re being too hard on yourself. Feelings aren’t always truths.

When you are overthinking, you are in control of what you choose to think about. You are in control of how how you choose to talk to yourself. You are in control of the energy you choose to put out and accept in. Are you around negative people? Are you listening to negative people? Are you talking to yourself negatively? Are you believing lies you know are truths? Are you trusting your true instincts? How are you being?

I once believed I wasn’t free to be me. I was uptight all of the time.

I once believed all of my footsteps had to lineup the way I planned them out to. I wasn’t living one foot in front of the other. I was living creating footprints before I even took a step. Yes – there are some realistic things that are necessary to plan. But most moments must come with a go-with-the-flow mindset. Situations hit hard that are genuinely out of our control. How do we react?

I once believed the path I followed had to feel right and if it didn’t, I didn’t feel right. When I didn’t feel right nothing around me lined up. I felt completely out of control; which lead to reckless anxiety. The best path to take can be the one that makes no logical sense. The more I surrender to the journey my soul is on, the more my life starts to make sense. More (better) opportunities come my way when I’m not trying to figure everything out. When I’m not trying to be perfect, look perfect, or feel perfect – I am free. When I’m not trying to exist in a perfect state of mind – I am free.

Freedom isn’t logic. Freedom isn’t in analyzing every single detail. It’s not in figuring situations out that don’t need to be figured out. It’s not in making up scenarios that may never happen. Freedom isn’t in perfection. Would you rather be perfect or free?

Freedom is in trying to let go. It’s in truths. Truths like, you are enough. Truths like, you’re doing the best you can. It’s in quieting the mind and listening to the heart. It’s in the way you think to yourself. It’s in taking care of yourself where you are. It’s in learning to listen to your inner voice that wants the best for you. It’s in wanting the best for yourself and knowing you deserve the best. It’s in speaking up for yourself when you want to shut down. It’s in looking within instead of in the world because freedom is found only within you.

Freedom is in letting go of the desires of perfection, one breath at a time.

Jacqueline Whitney is the author of Beyond Worthy, a collection of poetry that offers hope and reassurance for those questioning whether they’ll ever truly be okay.

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