Here’s The 3rd Presidential Debate Drinking Game That Will Absolutely Kill You

Flickr / Rich Girard
Flickr / Rich Girard

After the popularity of our FIRST Presidential Debate drinking game, we decided that we needed to update some questions. A lot has happened over the last month, and there is certainly a lot of new stuff that we can get intoxicated over.

WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, let’s get f*cking wasted America.

Take a drink when:

Hillary Clinton

  • Mentions Trump’s taxes
  • Mentions someone that Trump screwed over in his buisness
  • Says “fact-checker”
  • Has an answer so long and policy-ridden you get bored
  • Mentions the importance of “temperament”
  • Mentions something sexist Donald Trump has done / said
  • Brings up some failed Trump business
  • Brings up her work at the Children’s Defense Fund
  • Casually mentions her mother or daughter Chelsea
  • Brings up polling that supports her in some way

Donald Trump

  • Says “Believe me!”
  • Interrupts Hillary
  • Says “China” or “Mexico”
  • Says someone accusing him of sexual assault is a liar
  • Says “Benghazi” (two drinks if it’s a totally unrelated topic when he does)
  • Obviously has no idea what the question is about, so pivots to some random topic
  • Talks about how America is “losing”
  • Says “bad deals” (or “terrible” deals)
  • Brings up Hillary’s health
  • Brings up Hillary’s emails
  • Uses more than two superlatives in a sentence
  • Mentions “the establishment” or “political elite”


  • Brings up “Putin”
  • Says “John Podesta”
  • Mentions “Wikileaks”
  • Brings up Twitter
  • Mentions President Obama

Finish your drink when:

Hillary Clinton

  • Mentions “”
  • Laughs off allegations of corruption or Bill Clinton sex scandals
  • Mentions Republicans who have disavowed Donald Trump
  • Invokes being the first female President

Donald Trump

  • Uses “ISIS” to deflect a question about his personal conduct
  • Brings up a conspiracy theory on stage (i.e. “the election is rigged!”)
  • Brings up a Bill Clinton sex scandal (stop after 2x)
  • Brings up Paul Ryan


  • Says the word “disqualified”
  • Talks about the Supreme Court
  • Clearly struggles with answering a question about their personal conduct
  • Chris Wallace (the moderator) clearly loses control of the debate

Finish Your Bottle When:

  • You want another viable candidate
  • This debate makes you wish you were drunk
  • You don’t want to exist on this planet anymore

Good luck and God Bless! Remember to vote on, or before, November 8th! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Legal Disclaimer: We are not liable for any death, injury, or hangover resulting from playing this game.

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