Teen Daughter Sends These Hilarious SOS Texts To Mom As She Tries To Buy Tampons For The First Time

Facebook / Belinda Hankins
Facebook / Belinda Hankins

I think most of us approach the issue of sex, or anything related to sex, very gingerly when it comes to our parents.

But not this daughter! Trying to find tampons for the very first time, she reached out to mom for help — and she wasn’t wasting time!

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It gets even better!

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Honestly, I feel like I can never find the ONE thing I need in any given store.

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We are all crying too!!

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Funnily enough, it was actually the MOM who shared these photos on social media. She posted them on Facebook with this comment:

OK. I lied earlier. THIS was the highlight of my parenting week. Sending my 13-year-old daughter into the store for (whispers) “feminine hygiene products,” and having the following text exchange. I died, she gave me life, I died again. And she drew an illustration, on the spot, ON HER PHONE, to drive her point home.

And it didn’t take long for them to go completely viral, with almost 56,000 shares!

Believe it or not, the hilarious convo actually got some negative attention, with people scolding the mother for letting her daughter go to the store alone. Mom clapped back with this epic reply:

My 13 year old (14 next month) is taller than me. She has a set of lungs on her you wouldn’t believe, and a habit of responding to unexpected touch by punching. She is extremely precocious even for her age, and is about the age I was when I started babysitting for ACTUAL BABIES.

The idea that she is incapable of walking into a store, buying a thing, and walking back out to where I am parked 10 feet from the entrance is just… I don’t even know what that is.

Seems like a really awesome mom to me. TC mark

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