This Tumblr User Has A Dose Of ‘Real Talk’ For Everyone Mindlessly Defending Johnny Depp

Wikimedia / Anna Altheide
Wikimedia / Anna Altheide

Johnny Depp is a world-famous actor who has been thrust into the limelight due to the domestic violence charges being leveled at him by his wife, Amber Heard. The court has granted Heard’s request for a restraining order.

Since her accusations, however, the internet has been coming at her with full force—claiming that she is out for money, or is just a spiteful person trying to trash the reputation of a talented actor.

People are coming out of the woodwork, and initially assuming that Heard is lying about her accusations. Depp’s fans seem to not even want to consider the fact that he may have did this, and are doing pretty much anything to dismiss the woman who claims to have been hurt by him. And this Tumblr user is fed up with it.

so Johnny Depp has been exposed by his wife as an abuser & she has a restraining order against him. I’m gonna say this once and once only, people: I’m straight out of patience for abuse apologists who are already coming out of the woodwork defending him. what is wrong with you? you’re halfway up his ass because he was once cute or something, meanwhile you’ve sent a message to abusers everywhere once again that it’s ok for them to remain powerful, idolized, loved influences in the spotlight. you’ve sent a message to abuse survivors everywhere that they are dishonest, untrustworthy fakes who deserve no justice.

Wow. But it’s not over yet.

seriously, stop worshiping the ground these men walk on, many of them are trash long before they’re called on abuse but their fanbase is willing to stay silent the whole time.  Depp has redfaced and appropriated indigenous regalia and imagery and played an indigenous character as well as defended Roman Polanski, a convicted child rapist. you should not have supported him through that, and you should not support him now, when his wife has come forward.

do not hesitate to denounce Johnny Depp. do not hesitate to denounce every other powerful man who is exposed as an abuser. do not mourn the decline of their careers. do not feel you have to revere them or continue to uphold them as icons. do not continue to support them having a platform of influence. stand with abuse survivors.

False domestic abuse charges are rare, and so always assuming that the woman is lying (for money or revenge) is incredibly problematic. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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