Here Is The Scariest Urban Legend From Every State

Kansas — The Hamburger Man

Youtube / Glich'e Gaming
Youtube / Glich’e Gaming

This is one of the strangest, and most disturbing urban legends on here.

So the story goes, there is a deformed man who was maimed in a car crash or house fire. He lives in a shack somewhere on Hamburger Hill in Hutchinson, Kansas. He is a cannibal who hunts people who dare to roam the hill alone at night. He kidnaps them, and grinds their body down (while they are still alive) to a meaty hamburger-like mixture for his dinner.

Kentucky — Sleepy Hollow Road

Youtube / NightWatchers3
Youtube / NightWatchers3

Sleep Hollow Road is a winding two-lane road that wraps itself through the state. Named after the dark Washington Irving story, the road has its fair share of spooky stories.

People claim to hear terrified baby screams along the road near “Crybaby bridge” where desperate parents would allegedly throw their sickly babies to their death. People have also claimed to be tailgated by driverless black hearses on the road. And as if things couldn’t get any worse, others have claimed that somewhere along the road is “Devil’s Point” where Satanic rituals were held in the 1970s and 80s. Residents who have been there for decades still claim to have heard chants and sacrifices along the road.

Louisiana —  Ellerbe Road “Demon” School

Youtube / ThreexTwentyThree Photography
Youtube / ThreexTwentyThree Photography

Ellerbe Road School — officially named George Washington Carver High School — is now a crumbling shell of a building, but once may have been the scene of dozens of terrible, evil things.

The stories tell of vanishing children and an evil janitor who molested, tortured, and killed them. Even the closing of the school in 1972 hasn’t quelled the rumors, with numerous claims that devil worshippers have held Satanic rituals on the abandoned campus. A local historian confirmed these claims with pictures of a sacrificed boar he found inside the building. The building is currently slated for demolition.

Maine — The Mackworth Island Tree

Shutterfly / Amanda Edwards
Shutterfly / Amanda Edwards

This creepy (mostly dead) tree sits on a small island off of Maine. The tree itself isn’t what spooks people, but rather the faces carved into it. Said to be carved by ancient Native Americans who still haunt the area. It is also situated next to a pet cemetery, where people have claimed to see the specters of horses, dogs, and cats.

Maryland — The Goatman

Youtube / Strange Mysteries
Youtube / Strange Mysteries

The Goatman is said to be a crazed scientist who was employed at the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center. Rumor states that he did a number of grotesque and torturous experiments on goats, and that one such experiment backfired and caused him severe brain damage.

He now roams the area, oftentimes wielding an axe, and is blamed for the mysterious (but violent) deaths of pets, small animals, and some humans. Some say that there has been more eye witness evidence for goatman than any other supernatural creature.

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