The Spiritual Mantra That Each Zodiac Sign Needs To Hear Right Now

The Spiritual Mantra That Each Zodiac Sign Needs To Hear Right Now


“I will learn to let go of control, and move into a mental space where the unknown can take over.”


“I will give myself permission to feel the feelings that I have been suppressing. In doing so, I will find renewed clarity, and peace.”


“I will take a leap forward, and know that regardless of the result, I can find goodness in wherever I land. I won’t be afraid of things not going according to plan.”


“I will open my mind to other possibilities that I haven’t discovered. I will be willing to dive into questions that scare me, and search out for answers that change my ideas.”


“I will humbly release all of the energy I am putting towards myself, and find a way to devote it to the greater good. I will think more about my bigger role in the world.”


“I will find quiet time, and space to fully experience the things that are on my mind. I will try to connect with my inner thoughts in a more personal, and trusting way.”


“I will learn to trust my journey if it is something that I do not understand. I will trust that the people who are meant to be in my life will stay, and the rest can go.”


“I will stop holding onto all of the things that are causing me pain. I will release judgment and stop resisting clarity. In doing this, I will clear my mind of the past. ”


“I will learn to grow when I am confronted with challenges. I will not retreat, but will be brave, and know that my voice matters.”


“I will come home to myself each and every day. I will give my heart room to breathe, and my feelings space. I will think of myself, and adhere to my needs.”


“I will move on from the feelings, events, and places that are still holding me back. I will release tension, and find full support.”


“I will finally create the future I have been envisioning. I will let go of the idea of the person I always thought I should be, and step into the one that I really am.”

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