30 Ways You Can Actually Help Your Girlfriend Through Her Anxiety And Depression

Sophia Sinclair
Sophia Sinclair
  1. She won’t react to compliments the same way other women in your life did, because she’s always questioning her worth. Have patience.
  2. Her heart races whenever a decision needs to be made. Encourage her to trust her instinct.
  3. Some days, nothing will calm her, except for the song that always soothes her tormented spirit. Ask her about it.
  4. She loves being around you but has a hard time expressing her feelings socially. Support her.
  5. She feels like this will never be over. Show her compassion.
  6. Sometimes, she’ll be afraid to even open an email. Offer to do it for her.
  7. She still has a hard time coping with anger, even though her therapist calls this progress. Gently ask her to keep going, it’s an important stepping stone to her recovery.
  8. She’s afraid to hurt everyone she loves. Especially you. Don’t hold back on showing her gratitude.
  9. She will run the mile to make ends meet, mostly when it’s about something she’s truly passionate about. Support her passions.
  10. She craves intimacy as much as any other living, breathing being. Caress her.
  11. She’s a strong soul, underneath her layers of insecurities. Trust her.
  12. She doesn’t always know how to cope with her anxiety attacks. This exercise will help her.
  13. She appreciates patience and support. Remind her she’s safe with you.
  14. She’s tired of justifying her anxiety to people who just won’t get it. Defend her.
  15. One day, she’ll be afraid of having a breakdown in front of an important project. Hold her hand through it.
  16. She needs a strong support system in her life, especially the rough days. Stick to her, she needs you the most at her worst.
  17. She finds the future challenging, but she dreams to share your life with you no matter the hardships. Have faith in her heart.
  18. She’s hard to get sometimes, because she’s guarding herself. Learn about her anxieties from everywhere you can. Stay informed.
  19. She likes to have fun and won’t shy away from life’s biggest pleasures. Share these incredible moments with her.
  20. Some days she will feel insecure about her feelings. Leave her the space she needs to come back to you.
  21. She’s afraid to face the world some days. Take her for a walk outdoors and hold her hand in silence. She will thank you.
  22. When her thoughts race at night, she’ll have trouble falling asleep. Make her a warm glass of milk and read her a bed time story to take her mind to a peaceful place.
  23. She’ll feel awful about not being able to meet people, work or attend social events sometimes. Make sure there’s someone who can sit down with her in those moments or that she gets plenty of rest.
  24. She’ll have a drink or two more than she needs some evenings. Carry her home and hold her through the night.
  25. She’ll dance with you like no one did before, she’ll laugh and her eyes will spark with promises of a happy life together. Kiss her. She means it.
  26. She’ll have days when she’ll find it hard to get out of bed. Make her a good meal. Make sure she stays hydrated.
  27. She’ll feel guilty for pushing people away or for friends walking out on her. In those moments, be strong and have an honest conversation with her.
  28. She’ll feel sick from the meds some days. Sometimes she’ll feel worse. Offer to take her to her doctor and hold her hand in this.
  29. She will want to give up on life. Don’t walk away, no matter how hard it feels. This too shall pass.
  30. She will love you, with her heart open and her scars exposed. Love her. It’s the greatest gift you can offer her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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