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20 Things You Need To Stop Doing To Your Life If You Want To Be Happy

1. STOP making your happiness depend on other people.

We should not tie our happiness to something or someone in life; we should always stay self-sufficient. First and foremost, you have to be whole and full of energy, but if you are exhausted and your thoughts are moving in a negative direction, the relationship will be as miserable as your emotional state. If you are unsatisfied with yourself, your appearance, your personality, or something else, having a relationship with someone won’t make you happier. In order to share love and stability with someone else, you should first learn how to create it yourself. Once you are at peace with yourself, the rest will come.

2. STOP complaining and feeling sorry for yourself.

Life always throws dice in order to guide us toward some important directions. You may not always see or understand the purpose of all things that occur on your path. You also can’t control it and this can be very painful. However, look and analyze all these bad scenarios that you had experienced in the past. You will notice that often they would lead you to success, an important person, a great new situation, or just good feelings. Smile and let everybody know that today you are stronger than you were yesterday.

3. STOP holding onto the past.

You cannot start a new chapter of your life while you are still rereading the previous chapter.

4. STOP doubting yourself.

Each of us is unique and each of us is special, so feel it with all your heart. Banish uncertainty and doubt from your soul. Crush these fears as if they were worthless worms. You are the most important creature. You are the important part of this vast universe; the rest does not matter. Love yourself and be loved, untie your dream life from garbage bin of doubts and you will find a ray of enlightenment, even in the darkest moment.

5. STOP criticizing yourself for your past mistakes.

We can certainly fall in love with the wrong person and then get broken, depressed, and bewail our mistakes, but if everything is going wrong, one thing is for sure: Mistakes help us to find right people and make right choices. We all make mistakes sometimes. But you are not your mistakes, you are not your struggle. You are here and now—you have the opportunity to build your day and your future. Whatever happens in your life, it just prepares you to the next step in the future.

6. STOP rushing into relationships for the wrong reasons.

It is better to be alone than in the wrong company. There is no need to hurry with the choice. If something has to happen it will happen—in the right time, with the right person and in the best circumstances. Dive into love if you feel ready—not when you feel lonely.

7. STOP holding a grudge against someone.

Stop living your life with bitter feelings in your heart. Eventually, you will damage yourself more than those who you hate. Forgiveness does not mean “I am okay with all that shit you’ve done to me.” It means, “I won’t let all that shit ruin my peace.” Forgiveness is a suggestion to let go, find peace, and free yourself. And remember that it’s necessary to forgive not only other people, but also yourself. Forgive yourself for all your mistakes and move on.

8. STOP trying to be everything for everyone.

It’s impossible; you are just going to burn yourself. If you give joy to one person it will change the world—maybe not the whole world, but his world for sure!

9. STOP blaming other people for your problems.

Achieving your dreams mainly depends on how much you take the responsibility for your life. When you blame others for what happens to you, you deny the responsibility and give other people authority and domination over this part of your life.

10. STOP worrying too much.

Worry and anxiety won’t help us to get rid of tomorrow hardships, but rather of today’s joy. One of the methods to prove whether something is worth bothering is to ask yourself: “Will it still be important in one year? Two years? Five years?” If the answer is “no,” there is no need to worry at all.

11. STOP explaining.

Your friends don’t need your explanations and your enemies won’t believe you anyway. So do just whatever feels right to you.

12. STOP trying to be someone else.

One of the most complicated tasks in life is to be yourself in the world, which tries to make you lose your individuality and become a copy. Somebody always will be prettier, somebody always will be smarter, and somebody always will be younger, but they never will be you. Do not try to change yourself to impress people. Be yourself, and those you really need will love you just the way you are.

13. STOP hurting your loved ones.

We are so roughened that instead of acquiring love and humanity, we move away and become selfish as if the universe revolves around us. We start to hurt our family and friends and then wonder why nobody understands us. Remember, only your family and loved ones are always behind your back, and even this “always” bears a temporary connotation.

14. STOP expecting people to read your mind.

Once meeting the love on our way, we completely forget that the other person and also the language of his soul are obscure to our mind and eye. We begin to wait for some actions, just because our hearts long for it, but we forget that nobody but us is obliged to fulfill our desires. We have no right to expect anything from people; we either accept them as they are or do not accept them at all.

15. STOP procrastinating.

Do not hesitate too long; otherwise you risk creating problems even where there were not any. Evaluate the situation and take actions. You cannot change what you refuse to resist.

16. STOP envying.

Stop counting other people’s blessings instead of your own. Ask yourself “What do I have that everyone wants?” There must be something, so focus on it and stop comparing yourself to others.

17. STOP being afraid.

Fears are just blocks in our consciousness. They block most of our thoughts and actions. They do not allow us to open up and understand that this is just a fiction, but a fiction that we are giving too much power, thereby depriving ourselves of a better life.

18. STOP running away from your problems.

Instead, have the courage to meet them face-to-face. No, nobody says it will be easy. We are not required to immediately solve all our problems. It is normal for human beings to stumble and fall. This is what makes us human—to face challenges, to learn, to adapt, and eventually to solve them.

19. STOP thinking that you are not ready.

Most of the major opportunities encourage us to go beyond our comfort zone. But the risk of stepping out of this comfort zone comes along with a bonus that’s more important than minor discomfort—realization of your dreams and plans and personal development.

20. STOP being ungrateful.

Do not forget to say “thank you” and “sorry”—they are such simple words but so strong. Say “thank you” for every little thing, and believe me—soon your blessings will come. Thought Catalog Logo Mark