5 Genius Ways To Tell If That New Guy You’re Texting Is Trying To Get It In

We’ve all been in that awkward stage of a blossoming friendship where we can’t tell if a guy is just genuinely nice or if he’s trying to flirt. It can be extremely confusing, especially if you communicate mostly through texting. It can also be ridiculous when guys complain about getting “friendzoned” because they’ve “Girlfriendzoned” us first. Although it’s often hard to gauge the tone of a text, here are five sure-fire ways to tell if the new guy you’re texting has put you in the Girlfriendzone and is trying to get it in.

1. If they use emojis, they’re trying to get it in.

Almost no straight guy just casually uses lots of emojis when texting their friends, so if they send emojis to you it means that you’re special.  Special to their dick. An even bigger giveaway is if they use a heart or a winky face. Then there is definitely no question about it, they’re trying to flirt with you.

2. If they text you more than once in a row, they’re trying to get it in.

Most guys are notoriously bad texters, so if they text you more than once in a row it means they’re definitely interested…in getting it in. Twice in a row is kind of okay, maybe they just want to see if you’re busy or genuinely have something cool to tell you.  But when guys send multiple texts when you’re not replying, (whether it’s because you’re busy or you’re actually ignoring the guy hoping he will take the hint), and if they keep changing the subject or bringing up random stuff it’s because they’re trying to re-engage you in conversation. This is a very delicate stage, so take caution. After a while his texts can turn nasty, because god forbid you not be interested in him.

3. If they constantly text you about how well they’re doing, they’re trying to get it in.

Guys that seem to be bragging a lot about going to the gym, making money, or getting healthy do it for two reasons: 1) they’re trying to talk themselves up to you by being their own obnoxious macho wingman and 2) they want you to think about their body.  I don’t care that you just did leg day and now your calves are “swole” or that you’ve been eating only chicken and raw eggs while you work on your abs. And no, this is not a good time to send me shirtless body progress updates.

4. If they ask a lot of personal questions, they’re trying to get it in.

Every girl has, at some point, been subjected to the dreaded “20 Questions?” text.  It’s a dead giveaway for when a guy is interested in you.  Usually the questions start off mundane like “what’s your favorite color?” or “do you like anyone?” and then quickly jump to “lol have you ever had sex before?” Gross.  What started off as a fun way to get to know each other is quickly ruined because they’re busy trying to get it in.

5. If they send you random pictures, especially shirtless pictures, they’re trying to get it in.

When guys send you random pictures it means that they’re interested in you. But when they send you random shirtless pictures it means that their dick is interested in you. The excuses that guys come up with for the random shirtless selfies are hilarious. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “got a new haircut” or “just chilling eating Oreos,” as if those are good reasons for sending me a shirtless selfie. I don’t want to see you naked. I never asked for an awkward picture of you in your dirty bathroom.  

And for the love of God why do some guys think it’s okay to send girls random pictures of their genitals? None of us like it. Unless we have expressly asked for a dick pic please just assume that we do not want to see it. If I don’t already like you, opening up an unsolicited picture of your junk isn’t going to magically change my mind. In all actuality it will just make me dislike you for harassing me with pictures of your dick. Sexually harassing us through text messages isn’t going to get you anywhere, and neither is putting us in the Girlfriendzone. TC mark


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