The Best Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With A Sensitive Boy

A sensitive boy
Unsplash / Demetrius Washington

Date a boy who will come to you with stories about his day so that you don’t have to wrench the answers out of him. A boy who wants to spend dinner having an authentic conversation with you instead of staring at his phone the entire time. A boy who keeps the lines of communication completely open because he knows a healthy relationship requires unfiltered honesty.

Date a boy who is unafraid of admitting when he is upset. A boy who is brave enough to look you in the eyes and tell you he’s worried about work or afraid of losing his loved ones. A boy who understands being honest with you is not going to threaten his masculinity. A boy who recognizes that real strength means spilling his heart out to the girl who means everything to him.

Date a boy who is comfortable crying in front of you when he is going through a rough time. A boy who will let you hold him close and be the big spoon instead of shoving you away and repressing his emotions until they are released with anger. A boy who knows emotions are human. Emotions are healthy. Emotions are nothing to be ashamed of expressing.

Date a boy who buys you gifts that are sentimental, gifts that show he has been paying attention to your personality, instead of attempting to show off by purchasing the biggest diamond his paycheck can afford. A boy who actually listens when you speak, so he knows all of your favorite things by heart. A boy who picks up on what kind of presents would best suit you without you having to drop obvious hints.

Date a boy who gets emotional when watching certain movies or listening to certain songs. A boy who gets misty eyed when talking about a relative he has lost. A boy who turns the channel when those depressing dog commercials come onto the television. A boy who never wants to see another person, or an animal, hurt.

Date a boy who cares deeply about the people surrounding him. A boy who loves his family. A boy who would do anything for his friends. A boy who would give someone the shirt off his back if they needed it more than he did. A boy with a huge heart, a soft heart.

Date a boy who is in touch with his emotions, even when it would be easier to ignore them. A boy who admits when something is bothering him instead of putting on a brave face and pretending to be perfectly fine. A boy who never lies to you — or to himself.

Date a boy who is sensitive. A boy who speaks from the heart because he doesn’t have time to play games. A boy who prides himself on his honesty and loyalty. A boy who refuses to let you down because when he cares about someone he gives them every little piece of his heart and his soul. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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