The Truth About The Girl Who Is Happy Being Single

The Truth About The Girl Who Is Happy Being Single

When she says she is happy being single, that’s not a lie. She is not saying that to look cool. She is not saying that to make herself feel better. She is not saying that so you will stop pitying her.

She is saying that because it’s the honest to goodness truth.

Not everyone needs a relationship in order to enjoy their life. She is the kind of girl who wakes up in the morning and looks forward to the day ahead of her, even though there is no guarantee of sex or kisses or cuddles. She doesn’t need any of those things in order to feel fulfilled.

She has created a world she loves. She has a career she is passionate about pursuing. She has dreams to chase. She has a life outside of romance.

She isn’t under the false impression that she is unloved. She has friends who adore her. Family members who are proud of her. Pets who are crazy about her.

She is happy being single because there is nothing missing from her world. She already has a reason to smile. She already has a future to look forward to living.

She hates how much pressure other people put on her to enter a relationship. Her family keeps asking her if she has found anyone yet. All her friends want to talk about is their dating apps. Certain people look down on her for being single, which is crazy to her, because she doesn’t see anything wrong with her independence.

She likes being on her own. She likes the freedom she has to leave the house whenever she wants without updating someone on her whereabouts. She likes being able to flirt with whoever she wants without feeling guilty about it.

Everyone assumes she is lying when she says she is happy being single, but that’s only because they’re uncomfortable with the idea themselves. They (wrongly) assume they need love to feel successful. They don’t understand how invigorating the single life can be with the right mindset.

She is happy being single whether anyone believes her or not. She doesn’t want to waste valuable time texting back and forth with someone who will never meet up in person. She doesn’t want to hook up with someone who has no intention of seeing her again. She doesn’t want to let her happiness rest in the hands of a man.

She is happy being single, but that doesn’t mean she is anti-relationship. If she finds the right person, someone who would make her even happier than she is now, then she would gladly go out with them.

But until then, she is not going to waste her time wishing she was in a relationship. She would rather be alone for the rest of her life than jump into a toxic situation.

When she says she is happy being single, believe her, because she would never let her worth hinge on her relationship status. She would never let being single stop her from living her best life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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