10 Signs You Are Exceptionally Good At Reading People

A girl who is good at reading people
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1. When you first meet someone, you have a strong gut feeling about them that you cannot explain rationally. You either instantly like them or instantly dislike them — and over time, once you get to know the real them, you realize your initial impression was right. You were able to tell whether they were worth your time or a waste of your time after spending only five minutes alongside them.

2. You are able to accurately guess what someone is thinking about even if they haven’t said the words aloud. There have been multiple times when you brought up a topic and your friend asked you how you could have possibly known they were thinking about the exact same thing.

3. You can always tell when someone is upset. Even if they swear they are fine and nobody else (not even their significant other) realizes something is bothering them, you do. You can tell by their facial expression. By the tiny changes in their behavior. You’re good at noticing the details, which is why it’s like you are inside everyone else’s head.

4. Even when you’re texting, you are able to tell the tone someone is using. You can tell whether they are being silly or being serious. You can tell whether they are teasing you or whether they are actually pissed at you.

5. Because of gut feelings, you have extracted yourself from dangerous situations before. There were times when the police showed up or your friends all ended up getting detention, but you saved yourself from the punishment because you were smart enough to get the hell out of there ahead of time. You knew something bad was going to happen before anyone else realized it.

6. You are a human lie detector. You always know when someone is telling the truth and when they are bending the truth. You find holes in their stories easily. Even if they have a good lie ready, you can tell by the shifting of their eyes, by the way their lips twitch. You know a liar when you see one.

7. When you’re in a relationship, you can tell whether it’s going to last long or whether it will be short lived. You know their intentions even if they haven’t admitted them aloud. You can tell by the way they treat you, by the way they speak to you.

8. To you, everyone is predictable. You have a good idea of what your friend is going to say when they call you with news. You can predict what is going to happen at house parties and work events. It’s like you can tell the future.

9. When you watch movies or read books, you can always guess what the plot twist is going to be. You know exactly who the killer is long before you reach the end. Nothing surprises you. Nothing catches you off guard.

10. It’s easy to get along with you, because you know what others are thinking. You know what they want you to say. You know how their mind works. TC mark

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