I Want A Real Relationship, Not An Almost Relationship

Girl in a real relationship
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I don’t want an almost boyfriend. I don’t want a friend with benefits. I don’t want a one-night stand. I don’t want anything casual.

I want something real. I want someone who will commit to me instead of coming up with cliche excuses about how he is not ready for a relationship right now.

I want someone who will consider me a first priority instead of a second choice.

I want someone who will put in effort instead of doing the bare minimum to keep me around.

I want someone who will keep his promises instead of making empty ones.

I want someone who will give me a reason to stick around instead of giving me more and more reasons to walk away.

I want someone who will introduce me as his girlfriend instead of claiming that we are just friends. 

I want someone who will make plans with me a week prior instead of waiting until the last second to check if I’m free.

I want someone who will take me out on dinner and movie dates instead of hiding me in his bedroom to watch Netflix.

I want someone who will be there anytime I need him instead of running off randomly without letting me know when he’ll be back.

I want someone who will introduce me to his parents and bring me home for the holidays instead of sending me a mass text that says merry christmas like I mean nothing to him.

I want someone who will kiss me on the lips instead of only on the neck only during sex.

I want someone who will cuddle with me after we sleep together instead of someone who leaves the second it ends.

I want someone who will tell me the truth about how he’s been feeling instead of sending mixed signals that I have to waste my time interpreting.

I want someone who will stay loyal to me instead of flirting with every pretty girl he comes across.

I want someone who will give me what I deserve instead of taking from me until there is nothing left.

I don’t want to text someone from morning until night, but never find the time to meet up with them in person. I don’t want to flirt with someone like they are my boyfriend, but never put a label on the relationship. I don’t want to spend all of my energy on someone, but never get anything in return.

I am tired of modern dating, which isn’t really dating at all. I am sick of getting my hopes up and ending up disappointed again. I am done wasting my time with people who mean everything to me while I mean nothing to them.

I don’t want a one-sided relationship that is unbalanced. I don’t want an almost relationship that never goes anywhere. I want a real relationship. A relationship where I am respected. A relationship where I am given love and affection.

From now on, I’m not going to settle for anything less. TC mark

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