He Doesn’t Care About You, He Only Cares About Himself

A girl who cares about herself
Unsplash / Jon Ly

He doesn’t care about you. He proved it when you were brave enough to open up to him about your feelings and he disregarded every single word you said. When you spilled your heart out to him, when you told him everything you have been bottling up inside, and he acted like you were crazy. Like you had no reason to talk to him that way. Like you were in the wrong.

He doesn’t care about you. He proved it when he slept soundly during nights after your worst arguments, even though you spent hours crying your eyes out, replaying the conversation inside your head, wishing things had gone differently. When you were the one stuck feeling guilty even though he was the one who screwed up.

He doesn’t care about you. He proved it when he sent those nasty texts. The ones you screenshotted and saved to use as leverage in an argument in the future. The ones you sent to your friends, calling him an asshole. The ones you still can’t believe he would actually send you, because he supposedly loves you, and no one who loves you should ever talk to you in that way.

He doesn’t care about you. He proved it when he refused to take responsibility for his actions. When he turned every single situation around to place the blame elsewhere. When he decided he would rather be a victim than be a man.

He doesn’t care about you. He proved it when he talked shit about your friends and your family, even though he knew how much they meant to you. When he tried to discredit them, because they could all see how toxic he was becoming. When he tried to make them sound crazy so that you would choose his side.

He doesn’t care about you. He proved it when he picked up a bottle to solve his problems instead of sitting down and having a mature conversation with you. When he chose liquor over love.

He doesn’t care about you. He proved it when he grew the balls to apologize for his mistakes, promised you things would be different this time, and then changed his mind and went right back to acting the same way he has always acted.

He doesn’t care about you. He proved it when he stayed in your life for longer than he was welcome. When he refused to let go of his control over you. When he decided he would rather have you be miserable with him than happy without him.

He doesn’t care about you. He only cares about himself. Every time he apologized, that wasn’t to make you feel better. It was to convince you to stay so he didn’t have to deal with the aftermath of you leaving.

Everything he does is for him. He doesn’t think about anyone other than himself — which is why you need to start thinking about yourself. You need to choose the selfish option and walk out of his world, because he is only going to ruin your lifeTC mark

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