You Took A Girl With A Soft Heart And Broke Her Into Pieces

A girl with a soft heart
Unsplash / Asdrubal Luna

You found a girl with a soft heart. A girl who would have done anything that you asked of her, because she loved you that much. Because you were the only person she could imagine spending her lifetime alongside.

She never would have walked away from you. She never would have cheated on you. She never would have hurt you.

You found a girl who tried her hardest — every damn day — to make sure that you were happy. She put her full effort into the relationship even when you weren’t willing to do the same. She believed you when you made excuses that made no sense. She believed you when you gave halfhearted apologies. She believed you. She trusted you.

She loved you with every ounce of her heart. You were her only one. You were the person she swore to stick with for life, and when she makes promises, she actually means it. 

You took a girl with a soft heart and you shattered her. You made her believe that she was ugly. Worthless. Useless. A piece of shit.

You turned her from an optimist to a pessimist. From a romantic to a realist. From a happy go-lucky girl to a lost soul surfing on the edge of depression.

You hardened her soft heart. You are the reason why she no longer believes in fairy tales. You are the reason why she is closing herself off. You are the reason why she is drinking. You are the reason why she is crying. You are the reason why her loved ones are worried sick about her. You are the reason why her world is falling apart. 

You took the kindest girl in the world and you destroyed her — and it was easy for you. You didn’t think twice about it. You don’t feel guilty about it. You act like it’s her own fault.

And maybe it is her own fault, because she was stupid enough to choose someone like you. Someone who manipulates with ease. Someone who lies without blinking. Someone who refuses to change. Someone who walks away instead of taking responsibility.

You took a saint and turned her into a mess of tears who has trouble leaving the bed. You took her golden heart and blackened it. You took someone who deserved the world and made her feel like she deserved nothing.

You took a girl with a soft heart, a girl who should have been treated with respect, and screwed her over.

But, eventually, you’ll realize that you screwed yourself over. Because she will get over this. But you will never get over her.

You took her kindness for granted while you were with her, but once you realize no one else will believe your lies, no one else will accept your false apologies, no one else will accept you coming home so late, no one else will give you as many chances as she has given you over the years, you’ll understand that you’re the one who lost out. You’re the one who fucked up. You’re the one who is undeserving of her love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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