Girls With Soft Hearts Have A Wild Side Too

Girl with a soft heart
Unsplash / Aldo Delara

Girls with soft hearts are sticky sweet. They see the best in everyone. They stay optimistic. They value themselves and those surrounding them. But they also have a wild side.

If you do something to hurt them — or even worse, to hurt one of their loved ones — they will turn into a nightmare. They will drop out of your life without thinking twice. They will leave as if you never existed in the first place.

However, they aren’t the type to ghost you. They won’t ignore your texts or delete you from social media without giving you a warning beforehand. They will let you know that they are cutting you out of their life, because they believe they deserve the chance to talk about their feelings.

That is why they will sit you down, call you up, or send you block texts explaining their reasoning behind the decision. They will give you closure by listing off your wrongdoings, by giving you specific information about why they are choosing to walk away.

They want to give you a chance to respond. They want to give you a chance to explain. Most importantly, they want to give you the chance to learn exactly what you did wrong, because they want you to see the pain you’ve caused.

And because they want you to work on yourself. They want you to become better, so that you don’t hurt the next person who comes along, too. They still have your best interest in heart, even when they never want to see your face again. They still care about you, even when it seems like they have lost all feeling for you.

Girls with soft hearts are selfless. They are always putting others before themselves. They are the kindest people you will ever meet — up to a point. You cannot walk over them forever and expect them to allow it. You cannot mistreat them and assume they will keep quiet about it.

They have standards. They have strong morals. They would never lie to you, so they won’t be happy when you lie to them. They would never hurt you, so they won’t be happy when you hurt them.

They expect you to see how well they treat you, to appreciate how well they treat you, and to return the favor without complaint. They expect you to give them the same level of respect that they have always given you.

Girls with soft hearts have good control over their temper. You cannot get a rise out of them easily. But they are not as innocent as they seem. They have a wild side.

If you do something to seriously upset them, if you cause them to snap, they will curse you out. They will put you in your place. They will stand their ground. They will make you wish that you never decided to cross them.

They will not tolerate being treated like trash, because they know their own worth. They know they deserve better than being treated like burdens and backup plans. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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