Girls With Soft Hearts Are Going To Take Over The World

Girls with soft hearts
Instagram / Allegra Messina

Right now, not caring is in fashion. Everyone pretends they are emotionless. They act like they aren’t interested in the people who mean the most to them, because they are worried about being the one who cares more. They are terrified of coming across as desperate, because they want to continue their charade of being the cool single girl. They are too afraid to wear their heart on their sleeve so they hide it away in a cage.

Instead of answering texts the second they see the message, instead of continuing a conversation they have been dying to have, they wait an appropriate amount of time so they don’t look like they are too eager. So their feelings aren’t obvious.

Instead of asking someone else if they are free to go on an official date, they will ask them to hang out in the vaguest way possible. They will pretend they are only spending time together as friends, because they are worried about what would happen if they actually voiced their attraction out loud.

Instead of admitting they have feelings for someone, instead of taking a real risk and putting their heart on the line, they cover their emotions up with sarcasm and stupid jokes. They lie to everyone about how they feel — sometimes, even themselves.

Instead of asking the person they love to put a label on their relationship, they continue sleeping with them as if the sex means nothing to them. They keep acting like they are okay with keeping it casual so they don’t come on too strong and chase that person away.

Right now, girls with soft hearts are the rare ones. The ones who go against the flow. The ones who act out of the ordinary.

Right now, people might look at you funny when you text back fast and ask to make plans and blatantly admit how much you like them, because they aren’t used to such unfiltered honesty. They aren’t used to people ripping off their masks and unleashing their true selves.

But one day, the obsession that everyone currently has with caring less and revealing nothing and acting like they don’t have a heart at all is going to be replaced with transparency and honesty and authenticity. One day, girls with soft hearts are going to take over the world.

One day, it won’t be considered clingy to talk to someone first instead of waiting for their text. One day, it won’t be considered weird to ask someone where the relationship is going. One day, people will stop holding back from admitting how they really feel and will embrace their inner truth.

Right now, it takes strength to say what’s on your mind. It takes courage to let your emotions show.

But one day, everyone will realize that it is so much better to let your feelings flow out of you than to stuff them back into your chest. One day, people will realize girls with soft hearts were right all along. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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