The Only Way To Turn A Girl With High Standards Into Your Forever Person

A girl with high standards
Unsplash / Dani Vivanco

When she texts you, you find the time to answer her back before the sun sets. Before the clock strikes midnight. You show her that she matters to you in the smallest ways — like by giving her more than a one-word answer when she has been waiting all day long for your reply.

When she asks if you’re free, you set up plans with her a week in advance instead of telling her that you will get back to her over the weekend. Instead of waiting until the last second to make sure that nothing better comes up. You make it clear that she is one of your first priorities. That you don’t want to miss out on your chance to see her face-to-face.

When she flirts with you, you let her know that she is the only one you are interested in seeing. You delete your dating apps. You erase your booty calls. You don’t make her wonder if there is someone else. You don’t make her feel like she is in a competition with other women. You make her feel special, like she is the most beautiful person in any room.

When she goes out of her way for you, you thank her. You let her know that her kindness is appreciated. You don’t let her feel neglected. You don’t let her feel stupid or clingy or desperate for how much she likes you. More than that, you return the favor. You put in as much effort as she does. You try as hard as she does. You care as much as she does.

When she is upset about something, you ask her what’s been bothering her. You listen when she speaks. You value what she has to say. You help her through her problems, even if you don’t understand why they are bothering her so badly. You show her consistent respect. You show her your softest, most sensitive side.

When she sleeps with you, you stay the night. You hold her close and cuddle. You kiss her on the forehead and the back of the hand instead of only on the lips. You are intimate with her in more ways than one. You make it clear that you are not only around for her body, but love her soul just as much.

When she asks you what she means to you, you tell her the truth. You don’t make excuses about how you aren’t a fan of labels or about how you aren’t ready for a relationship right now. You don’t tell her that you really like her, but would rather keep things casual. You make the decision to commit. You ask her to be your official girlfriend. You give her what she deserves. You give her every piece of you.

When she asks you about the future, you only make promises you know you can keep. You tell her the truth about how you feel about her. You call her your forever person — and you mean every word of it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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