She Really Liked You, But She Had To Cut You Out Of Her Life For Her Own Good

Girl who really liked you
Unsplash / Toa Heftiba

She cut you out of her world because she has big plans for herself. She is not going to settle for an average life. Fine is not good enough for her. She has higher expectations for herself. She wants a love like fire. She wants a relationship that is solid. Concrete. Unbreakable. She doesn’t want to keep you around when she isn’t even sure how you feel half of the time. She doesn’t need uncertainty. She needs commitment.

She cut you out of her world because you were yanking her back when you should have been pushing her forward. She wants to date someone who motivates her to become the best version of herself. Not someone who thinks little of her. Not someone who reduces her to a backup plan. Not someone who makes her feel like she is a bother instead of the badass she is.

She cut you out of her world because she stopped putting other people ahead of herself. She stopped letting herself get walked over. She stopped accepting half-ass effort because she had an epiphany. A realization that she deserves to be treated with respect. Anyone who thinks otherwise can have fun watching her fine ass walk away.

She cut you out of her world because she is too mature to deal with your bullshit. She doesn’t have the patience to sit there and listen to your lies like she believes them. She doesn’t have the tolerance for your dishonesty, your disloyalty, your disgusting way of treating her. Her days of giving out undeserved second chances are gone. She cares about herself too much to stay in unhealthy situations.

She cut you out of her world because she stopped feeling guilty about leaving you behind. She realized that she gave you enough chances. She doesn’t owe you anything. There is nothing binding you together. If you would have actually given her the attention she wanted, then she would have stayed a lifetime. But you didn’t. So she isn’t. And that is not her fault. That is on you.

She cut you out of her world because she was tired of putting all of her effort into someone who didn’t give a single shit about her. She was sick of doing all of the heavy lifting while you sat on your ass and took what she gave you without so much as a thank you. The relationship became too unbalanced for her taste. Too unfair. Too fucked up. The truth is, she put up with you for much longer than she should have. She realizes that now.

She cut you out of her world because she has other options. You aren’t the only one interested in her. She is kind. She is intelligent. She is sexy as fuck. There are other people out there who would jump at the chance to take her on a first date — and those people will do what you failed to do. They will actually treat her the way she deserves. They won’t screw things up. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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