A total grinch on christmas

Zodiacs Ranked From Who Gets Right Into The Christmas Spirit To Who Is A Total Grinch

1. Cancer

You can catch them singing Christmas songs the second Halloween is over and they will have all their holiday shopping done before November ends. They will watch 25 Days Of Christmas on a loop. They will be the first of their friends to have their tree completely decorated. They are the definition of Christmas spirit. To them, this really is the happiest time of year.

2. Taurus

When Christmas time arrives, they revert back to being children. They will make snow angels and build snowmen. They will find a hill and go sledding. They will wear ugly holiday sweaters. They will look through all the old ornaments they had since they were little and shop through stores for new ones. Even though most people call the holidays stressful, they think of it as the one time of year where they can slow down and enjoy themselves again.

3. Leo

Leos love children. Even if they don’t have any of their own, they will find a cousin or nephew or niece to spoil. They will take the child to sit on Santa’s lap. To go snow tubing. To look for a Christmas tree. They will spend a fortune in the toy store on that kid, because to them, Christmas is all about making little kids smile.

4. Virgo

They love decorating the house with snowmen and gingerbread men. They love putting out holiday-scented candles. They love curling up on the couch early and snuggling beneath blankets. Most of all, they love all the free food they get during the big family dinner on Christmas day.

5. Aquarius

This is the most sentimental sign. They want their loved ones to know how special they are, which is why they love picking out presents — or creating their own, homemade presents. They will spend hours, days, weeks searching for the perfect thing. In fact, they would rather watch someone else open up a present than open up their own gifts. They would rather give than receive.

6. Pisces

They love baking cookies in the shapes of snowflakes. They love constructing gingerbread houses. They love sipping on hot chocolate. They love sucking on candy canes and popping chocolate out of advent calendars. Basically, they love Christmas for the food. Having a few days off from work/school is only a bonus.

7. Libra

Libras consider Christmas romantic. They will watch Christmas movies on Hallmark channel and listen to Christmas songs about young love. They will kiss beneath mistletoe. They will go on carriage rides. They will drive around, looking at lights with their person. They will spend all of December bonding with their love.

8. Scorpio

Scorpios will tell you to shut the hell up if you sing Christmas tunes too early — but once December arrives, they will get into the spirit of the holidays. They will hang lights around the house. They will send Christmas cards. They will go ice skating. They will chug eggnog. They will celebrate the holidays on their own terms.

9. Aries

When they were little kids, they loved the holidays. But now that they’re older, the magic has faded. Most of their family lives far away, so they don’t all get together like they used to. Christmas just isn’t that big of a deal anymore. Honestly, they would rather take a tropical vacation to celebrate the holidays than stay stuck at home in the snow.

10. Capricorn

They aren’t the biggest fan of Old Saint Nick, because the holidays steal their spotlight. They always end up getting joint Christmas-and-birthday presents because no one wants to divide them into two separate days. They get screwed over this time of year, which is why they act a little bit like a grinch. They can’t help it.

11. Sagittarius

They will change the station if holiday music comes on. They hear it enough over the loudspeaker at work. And they don’t understand how people can skip right over Thanksgiving as if it isn’t even a holiday. It’s not that they hate Christmas day. They just don’t understand the hype leading up to it.

12. Gemini

Christmas always comes and goes before they have the chance to prepare for it. They’re so busy with work that they end up buying their gifts at the last minute and paying a fortune. They enjoy seeing their family and spending quality time together and blah blah blah, but they hate emptying out their bank account in the process. They hate how commercialized everything has become. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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