The Reason Why Girls In Almost Relationships Feel So Insecure

Insecure girl in almost relationship
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She feels insecure because she is never sure if her flirting is going to be met with more flirting or with being ignored. Some days, he is practically on top of her. And other days, it seems like he would rather be left alone. She is never sure which side of him she is going to get. She is never sure whether she should layer on the charm or give him space.

She feels insecure because — even though most of his actions have suggested that he likes her too — some of his other actions have told her that he is never going to be her boyfriend. After all, he’s had plenty of chances to ask her out and he hasn’t taken any of them. He hasn’t actually admitted to having feelings for her.

She feels insecure because she isn’t sure whether all of the sexual tension, the meaningful looks, and the flirtatious conversations are only in her head. She swears that there is something between them, but what if she’s been reading the signs all wrong? What if the real reason they aren’t in an official relationship yet is the obvious reason — because he has zero feelings for her? Because her emotions are one-sided?

She feels insecure because she is worried about what’s been holding him back from asking her out. Is he interested in someone else? Would he rather stay single? Or is there something wrong with her? Is she good enough to play around with, but not good enough for anything real? Is she just a way to pass the time until his future fiancé comes along?

She feels insecure because he could leave her behind at any time without feeling bad about it. After all, they aren’t in an actual relationship. There isn’t anything binding him to her. He is allowed to flirt with someone else, sleep with someone else, start dating someone else — and she has no right to flip out about it. He didn’t promise her anything. He doesn’t owe her anything.

She feels insecure because she wants to impress him. Every moment they spend together could make or break their future, so she wants to do the right things, say the right things, wear the right things. She wants him to see her as someone worth his time and attention. Someone who he would be lucky to call his girlfriend.

She feels insecure because she doesn’t know if all of those sweet moments between them mattered more to her than they meant to him. She isn’t sure if he talks to everyone the way that he talks to her. She isn’t sure if she is the rule instead of the exception.

She feels insecure because she isn’t sure if this almost relationship is going to stay an almost. She isn’t sure if she’s stuck in relationship purgatory.

She feels insecure because she really likes him. And she really wants something real with him. She doesn’t want to stay friends. She wants more than that. So much more than that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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