This Is Why Insecure Girls Stay Single For So Long

Unsplash / Ryan Winterbotham

You’re not single, because of the size of your breasts, nose, or waist. You’re not single, because you’re ugly or boring or dumb. You’re not single, because you’re damaged, broken, or unlovable.

Those nasty things you say to yourself when you look into the mirror or at a photograph aren’t true. Your supposed ‘flaws’ aren’t the reason why you have a hard time finding a boyfriend.

You’re single, because you refuse to accept compliments. You refuse to believe that anyone could find you attractive. The idea of someone falling asleep while thinking about your smile is foreign to you. You can’t even imagine it happening.

Whenever a boy stares at you, you wonder if there’s something in your teeth, if your makeup is smudged, if he’s judging you over the outfit you’re wearing.

And when a boy texts you, when he gives you extra special attention, you assume that he’s just being friendly. Or that he likes one of your friends. Or that he just wants sex.

You always think that there’s a catch, because you sell yourself short. You assume that everyone sees you the way that you see yourself, which is far from the truth.

Others see you more clearly. They see how bright your eyes shine when you laugh. They see how sexy your body moves when you walk. They see how pretty you look when you talk about the things that you love.

Someone out there is dying to date you. You just don’t realize it, because you’re blinded by your insecurities.

You have to understand that the saying about how you have to love yourself before anyone else can love you is complete bullshit. People already love you. They’ll continue to love you, no matter how many hours you spend wishing you were someone else.

The truth is, you won’t be able to fully accept another person’s love until you love yourself.

If you keep hating yourself, you’ll always wonder why a boy would want you — you’ll doubt his feelings for you because you can’t wrap your head around them.

You’ll get into fights with him when he says you look beautiful because you’ll think he’s lying. You’ll convince yourself that he’s going to cheat because why would he choose you over a prettier girl?

If you hate yourself, then you’ll push and push until he’s forced to leave.

That’s why you have to believe in your beauty. Learn to love at least a few pieces of yourself, so when the right boy comes along, you don’t let him slip from your grasp.

Keep telling yourself that you deserve love. You deserve respect. You deserve to find someone that genuinly believes you’re the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen.

And when he gives you that compliment, when he tells you there’s no one in the world that compares to you, accept it. Believe it.

Never let your insecurities convince you that you’re unlovable, because you are a masterpiece. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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