The Heartbreaking Reason Insecure Girls Settle For Less Than They Deserve

An insecure girl
Unsplash / Ariel Lustre

Insecure girls settle for less than they deserve because they struggle to see their worth. They have no idea how smart and sweet and strong they are, because they only see the worst in themselves.

For that reason, they cannot imagine anyone liking them. They cannot picture anyone waking up in the morning and reaching for the phone to send them a good morning text. They cannot picture someone loving them when there are so many things wrong with them, when they are so screwed up.

Insecure girls have this idea in their head that they will never find the right person, that they are ultimately unlovable. That’s why they are relieved when they find out someone has feelings for them — even if that person isn’t good for them. Even if that person treats them like a second choice.

No matter how many red flags they see, they will still give that person a chance, because they think that they don’t have the right to be picky. They think they should take what they can get in case no one else stumbles along who is interested in them.

Insecure girls settle for less than they deserve, because they underestimate themselves. When someone takes days to text back, they don’t get mad at that person. They get mad at themselves. They think it’s their fault — for not being pretty enough, not being flirty enough, not being fun enough. They are so busy blaming themselves that they let the person get away with treating them like crap.

Insecure girls settle for less than they deserve because they haven’t grown to love themselves yet. They are uncomfortable with themselves, which means they are uncomfortable alone. They want someone there to hold close, to remind them that they have value. They don’t want to stay single for too long because it makes them feel ugly, unattractive — even though sometimes, they don’t have a choice.

Insecure girls settle for less than they deserve because they they have a twisted view of themselves. If any of their friends were treated like crap by a boyfriend, they would flip out. But, the things is, they care less about themselves than they do about their friends. It’s because they can see the worth in their friends, but they can’t see the worth in themselves.

Insecure girls settle for less than they deserve because they don’t realize how much they have to offer. They don’t see how beautiful they are when they glance in the mirror. They don’t understand that they deserve so much more than they have dealt with in the past.

Insecure girls are distracted by that pesky voice inside of their brain that tells them they aren’t good enough. It convinces them that they are never going to find love, they are never going to be happy. It tricks them into believing that they are only a burden when, in reality, they are actually a great catch. They are actually some the best girls you will ever meet. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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