The Difference Between Almost Relationships And Serious Relationships

A couple in a serious relationship
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When you’re in an almost relationship, you never talk about the future. You avoid making plans too far in advance. You ask each other over at the last minute. You spontaneously hang out whenever you can find the time. And you never talk about where your relationship is heading.

But when you’re in a serious relationship, your favorite topic is the future. You talk about where you’re going on vacation next summer. You talk about what kind of house you want to buy together. You talk about which friends you want in your wedding party. You talk about what you think your love will be like when you’re old and gray.

When you’re in an almost relationship, you hide your feelings. You dance around the truth. You act like you care less than you actually do, because you don’t want to look desperate. You don’t want to come on too strong. So you play pretend.

But when you’re in a serious relationship, you express your feelings without constraint. You tell your person when they look adorable, you tell your person when you want a kiss, you tell your person how madly in love with them you are. You want to treat them the way they deserve, so you never withhold affection from them.

When you’re in an almost relationship, you overanalyze every little thing that the other person says and does. You read into every text they send. You examine every facial expression they make. You try to figure out what it means when they compliment you and what it means when they ignore you for a full day.

But when you’re in a serious relationship, you say what you mean and you expect your partner to do the same. If they text you something that confuses you, you ask them what the hell they meant. You don’t let the doubt fester. You don’t let your questions go unanswered. You talk to each other.

When you’re in an almost relationship, you have no idea what you mean to the other person, so you have no clue what the boundaries are. Are you allowed to flirt with other people? Are you allowed to introduce them to your parents? Are you allowed to stay the night? You’re never sure.

But when you’re in a serious relationship, you have set boundaries that you are both aware of. You know what they consider cheating and what they consider harmless. You know exactly what they expect from you. You know that you are committed to keeping each other happy.

When you’re in an almost relationship, you are always confused. Constantly questioning. Unsure of how the other person feels about you. Unsure if you are ever going to become an official couple. Unsure if all of the work you’ve been putting into them is actually worth it.

But when you’re in a serious relationship, you don’t have a moment of doubt. You feel completely comfortable. Like you’re exactly where you’re meant to be. Like you have found your home. TC mark

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