You Don’t Need A Soulmate, You Need A Teammate

Unsplash / Amber Zewert

You need someone who will balance you out. Someone who is able to calm you down when you’re angry. Someone who is able to wipe the tears dry when you’re upset. Someone who is able to keep you steady when all you want to do is collapse.

You need someone who will help you make tough decisions. Someone who will sit down and listen to you talk about the pros and cons of accepting this job offer or that one. Someone who will help you figure out what the right path would be for you, that path that would make you the happiest.

You need someone who will encourage you when you feel like giving up on life. Someone who will lift you up when you fall on your ass. Someone who will be there to remind you that you are good enough, you are capable of fulfilling your dreams.

You need someone who will include you in big and small moments. Someone who will say our instead of mine whenever they talk about the house or the car or the dogs. Someone who will include your name on every birthday card they send and present they wrap. Someone who will treat you like their own family, even if you aren’t married yet.

You need someone who will back you up. Someone who will stick up for you when another person is rude because you don’t deserve to be treated that way. Someone who will take your side in arguments because you two are a team. Someone who would die to protect you because they don’t want to live without you.

You need someone who will be happy for all of your successes. Someone who will congratulate you over milestones instead of being jealous that you reached them first. Instead of turning every little thing into a competition. Instead of acting like, if you’re doing well, that must mean they’re doing poorly.

You need someone who lends a hand with the dishes and the lawn and the garbage. Someone who asks if you need help with the groceries when you walk through the door and offers to bring a water back to the couch during their trip to the fridge. Someone who doesn’t keep tally of the exact chores that they do, because they know you’re both doing your fair share. They know that you’re both doing the best that you can.

You need someone who compromises with you when you come to a disagreement. Someone who doesn’t try to one-up you during fights to see who can say the nastiest thing. Someone who doesn’t aim to win arguments, because they are busy trying to figure out a way to fix the problem so that you’re both happy.

You need someone who sees you as an equal. Someone who doesn’t think of themselves as out of your league. Someone who doesn’t think of themselves as superior. Someone who respects your body, your mind, and your opinions — and always shows it.

You need someone who puts actual work into the relationship. Someone who never makes you feel like your love, or your effort, is one-sided. Someone who loves you completely and never hesitates to show it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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