13 Signs That He Isn’t Worth Your Effort

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1. He doesn’t appreciate anything that you do for him. You send him good morning texts? He doesn’t respond for hours. You pick up his favorite fast food on your way to his house? He doesn’t even say thank you. He takes everything you do for granted.

2. He doesn’t put in any effort of his own. You’re the only one who plans dates and makes phone calls and figures out what time to meet up. You’re the only one who actually does their fair share.

3. He never even notices the little things that you do for him. You made his bed for him? Washed his dishes? Wore new underwear? Got your hair cut? He didn’t even realize, because he’s paying so little attention to you.

4. Nothing you do is ever enough. If you pick up food for him, he wonders why you didn’t get the sauce he likes. If you help him with his laundry, he criticizes the way that you fold. He’s never happy, no matter how hard you try.

5. He’s putting all of his effort into something — or someone — else. While you’re spending all of your time trying to please him, he’s spending his time trying to please some other girl. Your love, effort, and attention is unreciprocated.

6. Even when you do something super sweet for him and he’s happy with you, it’s only a temporary mood change. The next day, he goes right back to treating you like crap.

7. He acts like the tiny things he does constitute as putting in effort. Things like texting you back and liking your social media posts.

8. Your effort goes unnoticed. No one in his life even knows about your existence, let alone about the present that you bought him for his birthday that you thought he would be bragging to everyone about.

9. Sometimes, you don’t even have the opportunity to go through with your sweet gestures. You can’t take him on the fun date you set up, because he keeps canceling plans. You can’t give him the Christmas gift you bought him, because he spent the holidays elsewhere.

10. He’s gotten used to the amount of effort that you put in and has come to expect it. If you wear skimpy lingerie or go down on him, he doesn’t consider it a special treat. It’s something he feels like he’s earned, that he’s entitled to.

11. Whenever you do something nice for him, you end up regretting it, because he makes you feel like you were silly for doing what you did — even though you thought he would see the gesture as sweet.

12. He actually has the nerve to make fun of you for being nice to him. Whenever you do him a favor, he looks at you weird. He might even call you clingy or overbearing.

13. You’re killing yourself to try to make him happy, causing yourself more stress than you can handle. And you never even get anything in return. Not a hug. Not a kiss. Nothing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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