8 Things You Should Never Have To Compromise In A Relationship (Even If You’re Head Over Heels In Love)

Alice Donovan Rouse
Alice Donovan Rouse

1. What you’re passionate about.

This could be your job or your hobby—it doesn’t matter. Something that makes your heart burst, something that makes your days worthwhile, something that inspires you should never be given up or neglected because of a relationship.

2. Your beliefs (or lack of).

Whether you believe in a God or not, you have values. And those values have defined you, your life path, and your decisions, past and future. When you fall in love, don’t let the person you care for make you change your source of strength. True love doesn’t mean compromising your values just to fit a person in your heart.

3. Your family relationships or friendships.

Even if your family and friends are the most terrible people in the world, your relationship with your significant other/spouse should never pull you away from them fully. Perhaps some distance isn’t a terrible idea, but if you find yourself drifting from your loved ones to be around your S.O. more—then you need to reevaluate whether or not your partner is controlling you or making your other relationships strained and difficult.

4. How you truly feel about something.

You are entitled to your own emotions, regardless if your person agrees or disagrees. You are allowed to be sensitive, to get frustrated, to cry, and to express how you’re feeling. You are entitled to the way you feel, and you should never have to hide that to appease someone else.

5. Your life goals.

If there’s something you’ve wanted, you are allowed to pursue it, relentlessly. Sure, relationships can make this complicated when there are different dreams and locations and decisions involved, but ultimately, when you love someone, you both should support one another’s goals, not pull the other person away from them.

6. Abuse or mistreatment.

You should never, ever be abused in a relationship. It doesn’t matter how much that person loves you—if he/she has abused you, they are not the person you’re meant to spend forever with.

7. Being an option.

Monogamous relationships are that—two people, not multiple. You must not compromise your worth and give someone your whole heart when they only see you as an option.

8. The way you feel about yourself.

Self-love is huge. It’s difficult, ever-changing, and a constant battle within your own mind. But at the end of the day, your relationship should build you up, not break you down. If your relationship makes you feel negative about yourself, then your S.O. is not right for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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